25 thoughts on “Portal 2 Gameplay – Repulsion Gel

  1. Was this a beta level cause im done with the game (cute ending btw) or was it a secret test chamber?

  2. What map was this. It looks like one of Wheatles poorly deisgned maps. But it wasn’t poorly deigned. I have PC, so if anyone has the console code for this map, Mail it to me, or add it to the comments.

  3. At 0;28, it is clear that r_portal_use_dlights was set to 1. The blobulator seems to also be much more realistic. Guess they dropped it in favour of boosting performance. What a shame…

  4. Is this one of those games where you have to play the first one to understand whats going on in the second?

  5. Search on youtube for a portal lets play, and then a portal 2 lets place.. You will know when the video starts.

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