Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator Artemis is a multiplayer game that lets you and your friends play as a starship bridge crew. One computer displays the main screen and runs the simulation server. the rest serve as bridge station consoles, like Helm, Comms, Weapons, Science, and Engineering. One player plays as the captain, with a central chair but no workstation of his own. Artemis was created by Thom Robertson, and will be downloadable at the website:
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24 thoughts on “Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

  1. Intergalactic conquest and space terratory
    as it should have been gained by clans in
    al those online games you see (MMORPG).
    (Which always fails cause players seem
    never beeing able to co-work wel)
    Just heared about this game and it really
    sounds awesome.

  2. If I were captain, I’d be all like, “Shut the hell up! You speak when you’re spoken to!”
    Also this would be a lot cooler if the opponents were live. And this is not meant to be a complaint, just a critique — look at all that wasted screen space. Neat idea

  3. Actually in the future, it is discovered that the universe has gravitational “poles” so to speak. South is in the direction of the “southern” gravity pole of the universe.

  4. No copy protection, you can get one copy and split the cost between everyone you send it to. Also you can get it for free if you post a video of you and 2 friends playing the demo to YouTube and send a link to the creator.

  5. This costs $40 right? do you need to buy each station? (comms, engineering, etc) or are they all included in the price?
    Also do you need a server to run it on? and what spec does it need to be?

  6. Mercifully, Artemis doesn’t use all three dimensions, and “south” is a lot quicker to say than “bearing 180 degrees” 😉

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