25 thoughts on “Defend Your Castle iPhone / iPod Touch Review

  1. I’m on level 44 and it’s very hard. I have no extra men at all, I just keep moving my finger as fast as I can. Does it only go up to level 50?

  2. How do u use the archers? I bought the pit of conversion and got the archers. All I see is a red flag and a blue dot? Help

  3. To anyone that thinks he is bad at this game, he’s demonstrating what the gameplay is like while explaining the different features, so of course he’s not going to be amazing at it. I’m sure he’s much better than what he’s shown here. 😛

  4. good ole days i played this when i was like 7 as a flash game and got to around lvl 100 after about 20 hours of overall playing.. yah intense.. lol

  5. That’s great. Eventually I’ve got my iPhone too, and gues what? for free:)
    If anybody are interested have a look here:  freebies(.)comoj(.)com/iphone
    Yes! :)

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