The Tuesday best of – Hellblade is out, so here are the best psychological horrors for iPhone and iPad

Well, it’s Tuesday. I just went outside and got soaked to the skin. Don’t go outside if you don’t like getting wet and live near where I live. In fact it’s probably best not to go outside at all if you live near where I live, it’s pretty grim around here.

And speaking of grim things, today has seen the release of Hellblade on PS4 and PC. It’s a gritty hack and slash game with psychological horror elements. Obviously it’s not going to come to mobile, but it did get me thinking – what are the best psychological horror games on the App Store?

So that’s exactly what I’ve gone and written. A list of the three best psychological horror games for iOS. You can download them by clicking on the emboldened names below. And if you, inevitably, disagree, stick your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Forgotten Memories

Do you like Silent Hill? Well the developer of Forgotten Memories certainly did. This is a creepy horror game that borrows heavily from Konami’s classic series. Not that that’s a bad thing. I mean, if you’re going to borrow you should definitely borrow from the best. There are spooky mannequins, weird shenanigans, and more than one moment where you’ll probably soil yourself. You know, in a good way.

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