The Thursday Find – Kick Ass Commandos

Thursday has barrelled into view like a drunken bear stumbling through the woods in search of picnic baskets to snaffle. Silly Thursday, what are you like eh? Always stomping around and getting up to mischief.

Anyway this Thursday we’re going to do a Thursday Find. It might be the last one, I haven’t decided yet. If it isn’t, next week’s is going to be a little different. So if you’re a fan of the content you’d best get snuggled in, because things are going to be changing in seven day’s time.

As usual though you can click on the emboldened name of the game below to download it from the App Store. And if you wanted to say anything in the comments, they’re down at the bottom of the article. It’d be nice to know you’re there, so it would.

Kick Ass Commandos

Kick Ass Commandos is a beautifully retro experience. It’s a top down twin stick shooter that’s dripping with action movie references. You’re getting to the chopper, saving POWs, and mowing down waves of frankly useless enemy soldiers.

The prisoners you rescue join your team. They obey the same controls as your main character, so you can easily end up with a team of five blasting out showers of chaotic explosions, bullets, and grenades.

And yes, that is as much fun as it sounds. The game is split into a number of different missions, and each has a different goal. Sometimes there are…

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