MU Origin’s December update is packed with new content

MU Origin is back with a fresh update full of new content and some seasonal fun. Get back into the fighting spirit with new battlefields and arena, along with fresh Companion features, a level cap bump (you can now hit rebirth 12), and other new goodies that are sure to please.

Engage in 20vs20 battles that will truly test your strength in the new Battlefield of Emperor. The Alliance and the Order are facing off against each other, with each side attempting to destroy the other’s Mineral Base. The winner will receive bountiful experience points, Bound Zen, and new Emperor points. Use those well-earned Emperor points to purchase Tarot Cards, a new feature that’s unlocked once you finish the Master of the Forest quest. You can now equip Tarot Cards to give your character special options.

The Companion Arena offers up new ways to interact with your Companions, pitting pairs of Companions against each other in intimate 2vs2 arena battles. The best companions can receive a special costume, and you can compete up to 10 times throughout the week. You’ll now be able to send Blessings to you and other Companions, too, using Flowers that grant your fellow adventures unique effects.

If you’re seeking even more ways to improve your adventurer, Accessories will give your character some fashion flair and an extra boost in battle. You can buy them from shops, or activate them when you fulfill certain requirements. Accessories give…

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