The AppSpy end of year awards: The 3 best games for iPhone and iPad of February 2017

Today we’re up to February in our round up of the best games that landed on iOS this year. February was a pretty good month, if you’re into shooting, thinking, and murdering teenagers. And quite frankly who isn’t into all of those things?

Come back tomorrow to find out the best games that came out in March. And if you weren’t around yesterday, there’s a link below that’s going to take you to the best games of January. You’re welcome.

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February 2017


A gorgeous looking shooter that plays around with the bones of the genre and comes up with something pretty special. It’s set in a dying computer system, and you’re in there to try and sort everything out. Trust us though, it’s far more difficult than just a quick defrag.

Slayaway Camp

A game that’s all about murdering people. But, you know, in a fun, kitschy sort of a way. Each level is like a scene from an 80’s horror movie. You’re playing the killer, and you need to figure out how to butcher the kids and cops…

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