[ANDROID][FREE] Space Smuggler – A new sci-fi action game

[ANDROID][FREE] Space Smuggler – A new sci-fi action game
Explore the galaxy, customize your ship and fight your enemies in space and on planets as well! This action-packed sci-fi game combines platformers and shoot'em ups with RPG elements. You're not destined to save the world or to change it in any …
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An obvious scam Android app has been installed over 1 million times in under a
What makes this game such an obvious scam? Start with the excessive permissions it requests — a game that purportedly is centered on running through subway tunnels for some reason needs to have access to your device's microphone to record audio, …
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The first Android Wear game is a Flappy Bird clone
One thing you might have noticed was amiss from the recently launched Android Wear app section on the Google Play Store, was a dedicated game for your brand spanking new smartwatch. Well, you can now rest easy as that's been corrected with the …
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Featured: Top 5 Best Alternative Sudoku Games for Android

Featured: Top 5 Best Alternative Sudoku Games for Android
Sure there's plenty of great Sudoku apps for Android you might be looking for something a little bit different but not too alien. If that's the case then you've come to the right place, as we're going to take a look at a few games that are clearly …
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Android Game Of The Week: Hitman Go
The popularity of the Hitman franchise is no big secret. There have been many loved titles in the series and although it's not your typical Hitman game, Hitman GO easily becomes another beloved game from Square Enix. The unusual take of a board game …
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Google Play Services 5.0: Android Wear, Games, In-app Search
Google has just announced the complete roll out of version 5.0 of its Google Play Services system to all Android devices world wide. Of course, the announcement is of more direct benefit to app developers but, as always, the new API and capabilities …
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Candy Crush Saga – The Hugely Popular Android Game
When you talk about the top games in the Android market, there is one name you can't miss. That is Candy Crush Saga. This game is a frequently downloaded and religiously played game in the market and has been leading the charts for a number of weeks …
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Top 5 Best New Free Android Games
Check out the trailer for this game in the video above. Cross Horizon is a free RPG with nice graphics and an interesting story. If you love epic battles and creative character designs, this role playing game is intriguing. Unlike a lot of other RPGs …
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Nokia releases the Z Launcher app for Android phones
Nokia rolled out a home screen replacement app for Android phones called Z Launcher and reviewers are already praising it to the heavens. It looks similar to the Aviate Launcher, which was recently acquired by Yahoo and what it does is it learns about …
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Top 5 Nintendo games that we want on iOS & Android
When Sonic the Hedgehog was released for iOS and Android phones, the imaginations of Nintendo fans went wild. If Sega could give fans a taste of a favorite classic, would Nintendo ever follow? What gamer wouldn't love to play an official copy of Super …
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Razer is developing an Android gaming console
Among the torrent of announcements today at Google's I/O keynote presentation was the revelation that Razer, a company best known for making PC gaming peripherals, is developing a game-focused “micro-console” for Google's Android TV platform.
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6 Weird Android Games you probably never heard of!
The android app-market is full of popular android games that everybody plays and knows about. But what about the ones created by small teams of developers trying to come up with something original and fun? We will present 6 of them to make sure you all …
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Kick with Chrome: Google's latest Chrome Experiment is 3 soccer games

Kick with Chrome: Google's latest Chrome Experiment is 3 soccer games
Google's Latest Chrome Experiment is all about keeping you plugged in to the Wold Cup craze and showing off the power of the Chrome browser. Chrome Experiments have quickly become one of those things that causes most of us geeks to stop and waste …
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Fire OS vs. Android: Can Amazon's new Fire Phone justify its ostentatious
There is no analog in Google's Android for Amazon's head-tracking “Dynamic Perspective” tech. The company is promising a more immersive shopping and gaming experience that lets you change the view perspective simply by moving your head. If it works …
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Android Game Of The Week: Sky Force 2014
Shoot em' up titles are a dime a dozen now but few rarely stand out as truly amazing games. Sky Force 2014 from Infinite Dreams is one of those few and has everything you could want in a title of this genre. This is a remake of the original Sky Force …
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Dragon Quest VIII now available on Android – should you really pay for a
Like many Square Enix franchises, it comes with much anticipation, and a fierce crowd of fans is sure to sign up to download the game right away, despite its unusually high price (compared to most Android games). Advertisement. In fact, this game is …
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OnLive Is Now Streaming Top-Tier Games To The Wikipad Gaming Tablet
Remember OnLive? Despite a messy sale to escape a dark and stormy financial picture, the company lives on, and in March it launched its new CloudLift subscription gaming service. Today, it's partnering with Wikipad, maker of the dedicated Android …
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Friendly Notice – Android – Near Universal Root and Stargate (game) sale
And before you think "I don't have a Verizon/AT&T S5 or Note 3" keep in mind this apk/method of achieving root will work on almost any Android device. As long as it is NOT on 4.4.3, so if you're phone is running Kit Kat 4.4.2 or lower then you are good …
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Angry Birds Epic Review: These Eggs Ain't Free
Rovio first deviated from its history of physics-based puzzle games with kart racer "Angry Birds Go!" Now Rovio has taken on the role-playing genre with "Angry Birds Epic" (available for free with in-app purchases on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).
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Humble Bundle 10 adds three more games for PC, Android

Humble Bundle 10 adds three more games for PC, Android
Ludosity's Zelda-like action-adventure game Ittle Dew, Mode 7's tactical sim Frozen Synapse, and Subatomic Studios' classic tower defense game Fieldrunners are now a part of Humble Bundle 10, joining previously featured PC and Android games Metal …
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Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Game Series Continues Today on Android
The acclaimed Sorcery! adventure game series continues for Android today with its second installment, "Kharé: Cityport of Traps," released as a £3.00 / $ 5.00 download on Google Play and Amazon's Appstore. Developed by inkle with input from author Steve …
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Top 5 Android Games 2014
No matter what sort of category you enjoy playing, you will definitely find a game in the Play Store that is worth checking out. We are sure that you already have your own favorite Android game today but we are making a list of the Top 5 Android Games …
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Top 5 Best Android Puzzle Games of June 2014
Check out the cool video above to go behind the scenes with the developers of this Marvel game. If you love Marvel comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this fun match-three game is a great way to immerse yourself in the world of Iron Man, Nick Fury …
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In Free Android Credit, Huge Amazon Game Sale, 4K Samsung, LEDs
Amazon is continuing its assault on your Android device with $ 10 in free Coins for downloading five free apps. Whether you keep the apps or not is irrelevant; the $ 10 is yours to use as you see fit on the Amazon App Store. If you haven't yet downloaded …
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Hitman Go Now On Android: KYM Game Of The Week

Hitman Go Now On Android: KYM Game Of The Week
Square Enix has brought one of video gaming's biggest franchises to mobile devices for the first time. The Hitman franchise has gone from strength to strength since its original release in 2000. Four other games have followed Agent 47 on his hits …
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Humble Bundle Returns: PC and Android 10
The list this time is interesting in that all of the games are for both PCs and Android devices; what's more, all of the games are (or at least will be) available in DRM-free versions for Linux, OS X, and Windows, and Steam versions are available for …
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Android Game Of The Week: Trials Frontier

Android Game Of The Week: Trials Frontier
This isn't Watch Dogs but it'll do just fine for your mobile gaming needs. Better than fine actually. Did I mention that it support the Phonejoy gamepad? Yes, it has Phonejoy support plus various other Android game controllers so if you're not a fan of …
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Android Games: Gun & Blood
Gun & Blood is a free Android game. In Gun & Blood, you are one of the strike forces to destroy anything blocked on your way. If you like to shoot, start tapping now! Features: . Weapon store: from desert eagle, UMP, AK-47 to Barrett. Enjoy the power …
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Top 5 Best Android Apps of June 2014
Fronto is a lockscreen app that lets you earn points for completing certain tasks, such as reading an article, following someone on social media, or downloading a game. Swiping right will bring you right to your home screen. Swiping left will take you …
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