The 5 best games for iPhone and iPad this week – May 12th

Another Friday has rolled in, bringing with it the salty taste of the weekend. It’s so close, it’s almost here. Just a little bit longer and then we’ll all be safe for two days. How good does that sound?

Well every Friday here at AppSpy we like to give you a rundown of the five best mobile games that have hit the App Store this week. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do right now. We’re traditionalists, sue us.

As per usual you can click on the emboldened name of a game below to download it from the App Store. And make sure you head back next week to pick up even more excellent mobile gaming related content. Or I’ll cry.

To the Moon

A tweaked port of a fantastic RPG. Its mechanics might be a bit on the traditional side, but it’s worth checking out for the story and the excellent music. Plus it’s exactly the sort of game we want to see more of on the App Store.

Artificial Superintelligence

A new implementation of the Tinder-style mechanic we first saw in Reigns. This one is an intriguing sci-fi adventure though. It looks lovely, and it’s interesting to see a new genre sort of coming to life before your very eyes.


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The best games on sale for iPhone and iPad right now – April 12th

Oh look it’s Wednesday. That’s nice. Er, I can’t think of anything cynical or funny to say right now, so I’m just going to fill this first paragraph with explanations to that effect. Sound good to you? Cool.

Well Wednesday is when we look at the best games on sale on the App Store at the moment. And so I’ve done that. I’ve put them in a list. You can read the list down there.

As usual click on the name of a game to go and buy or download it. This ends the preamble for the list. I hope you enjoy the rest of the content. All the best.

Hyperburner – Free

Hyperburner is free!?! Oh cool. But what is it? Well it’s a super fast sci-fi racer that looks absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps more importantly it also controls fantastically. And let’s be honest, the controls are the most important things in a game. No, really, they are. Thinking an auto-running Wipeout and you’re getting there.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here

Kathy Rain – £2.99 / $ 2.99

A clever and engaging point and click adventure with a wonderful main character. It’s interesting, it’s smart, and it looks at things from an angle that a lot of games wou…

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The 5 best iPad and iPhone games this week – 12th February

It’s Sunday. And that can only mean one thing. We’re all horribly sad that the weekend has come to such a horrible yet inevitable conclusion. But there’s still time for one more thing.

And it’s this one thing – a list of the five best games that came out last week. In no particular order, rather presented in the order that they came to me while I was sat on my sofa wondering what went wrong with my life.

Join us next week for more exciting content about the world of mobile games. And probably a bunch of other stuff as well. Maybe sandwiches? I really like sandwiches.


A text-based adventure with its own unique style. It might get a little bit repetitive towards the end, but there’s also a lot going on to recommend it.

There’s a great bit of writing here, and the game manages to mix its RPG tropes together into a compelling adventure that pushes you deeper into its galactic core.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here.

Maze Lord

A game about trawling thro…

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Super Smash Bros. inspired brawler Fright Fight hits iOS on February 12th

Seemingly drawing inspiration Super Smash Bros, RPGs, and western horror, Appsolute Games has created Fright Fight, a new fighting game set to hit the App Store on February 12th.

Pitting two or four players against each other in either solo or team based matches, Fright Fight is all about fast-paced multiplayer mayhem.

You’ll have four iconic horror characters to choose between: a yeti, a werewolf, the Grim Reaper, and a vampire. Each of these creepy combatants will have their own combos and moves, giving them their own unique fighting style. RPG elements will also allow you to upgrade each brawler to better suit you own pugilistic preferences.

The trailer (above) shows Fright Fight‘s monster-based brawling in its full glory. We can see few frame rate that could potentially upset the flow of the action,  but we’ll wait till get our claws on it before passing judgement.

Fright Fight is already available for free on the New Zealand App Store, and will burst on App Stores globally on February 12th. The free download will get you an arena to fight in, and a couple of characters with which to do battle. Additional content can be acquired via IAPs.

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