Price Drop: Adventure To Fate : Quest To The Future JRPG (Games)

Adventure To Fate : Quest To The Future JRPG 1.3

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 3.99 -> Free, Version: 1.3 (iTunes)


>>FREE for the weekend to celebrate! <<
2016 Sleeper RPG of the YEAR! -TouchArcade

Adventure To Fate : Quest To The Future – is an JRPG style dungeon crawler game
-Tons of character creation possibles (8 Classes, 20+ Pets, 6 Professions)
-450+ items to loot, craft, buy and find.
-170 unique monsters to fight
-Fully accessible to the blind using Voiceover

Quest To The Future Story

Our biggest fears have come to fruition, the defenses of the dimensional ports have failed. An evil force has laid to waste our guards and now pours through the portals without resistance.

We’ve brought you here as our last chance at stopping this evil. You’re one of the select few that have used the portals before, to come here for a better life, but in our darkest hour we turn to you one last time, to go back and triumph where we failed.

With our guards and roads destroyed, getting back to the portals will not be easy, as this invasion has crippled our ability to send forces en masse to clear a path. You’ll be forced down, through the sewers that run underground to the ruins, into the crypt where the portal to the future lies. You must make haste we don’t have much time!

– Customize Your Hero –
8 Classes – Mercenary, Assassin, Cultist, Mutant, Priestess, Ranger, Time Guardian, Arcane Archer
6 Professions – Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor, Jeweler, Alchemist
20+ Pets to accompany you in battle
Leveling system that goes up to 27 levels

– Crafting System –
6 Professions – Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor, Jeweler, Alchemist
200+ Items to craft
30+ Materials to work with
Share Items between characters using the Account Vault

– Explore Time –
5 Themed Areas from the Past and Future (Sewers, Ruins, Crypt, Frozen Wastelands, Earth Core)
Over 2100 rooms to explore, search, and loot.
Each area has its own unique enemies, spells, shops, treasures, items and much more!

– In Depth Stat & Skill System –
Featuring 200+ Spells/Skills
Damaging skills – These are direct physical attacks that damage the enemy
Damaging spells – These are direct magical attacks that damage the enemy
Damaging All spells (AOE) – These are direct magical attacks that damage ALL enemies
Summoning spells – Allows certain enemies to summon others to help
Healing HP spells – These are spells that heal the casters life/hitpoints (HP)
Healing SP spells – These are spells that heal the casters skill points (SP)
Buffing skills – A skill that user casts on itself to raise some stats
Debuffing skills – A skill the caster casts on enemies to lower some stats
Mimicking skills – Use the enemies skills against them
Taunts – Enemies you must attack first
Death Spawns – Enemies that spawn others upon death
Confusing Skills – Enemies that are confused might attack themselves or other monsters

– Endless Loot & Treasures –
500+ unique items
12 equipment slots to to fully customize your characters – (Weapon, Shield, Helmet, Chest, Gloves, Legs, Boots, Belt, Bracelet, Necklace, 2x Rings)
Randomized drops on all monsters
Item rarity color system (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
*Share* all your items with the Account Vault System.

– Other Features –
Game Center Leaderboard enabled.
Indie created game built for the people!
100s of hours of game play between all classes!
Autosave feature – Easy to pick up and play at any time!
Unlimited character slots so you can try every combination possible.
Retro Pixel Art
8Bit sound/music
Library system that explains general game, character, skills and combat systems.
Fully accessible for the vision impaired using Voice Over.

Thanks for taking a look!

What’s New

NEW Arcane Archer Class Is HERE!
►New Class: Arcane Archer – Use their manipulation of time to destroy enemies.
►Tons of other improvements and additions!

►Arcane Archer Class

*Skill: Arcane Arrow – A strong arcane ranged attack.
*Skill: Accuracy – A buffing skill that raises crit chance : 30.
*Skill: Noxious Arrow – A weak toxic arrow that poisons for heavy damage.
*Skill: Dual Shot – Two elemental shots that hit one enemy.
*Skill: Multi Shot – A multi arrow spell that damages all enemies.
*Skill: Shocking Shot – A weak shocking shot with a chance to confuse : 35.
*Skill: Arcane Mist – A thick mist that has a chance to stun : 35 all enemies.
*Skill: Mirrored – A buff that increases reflect damage : 50.
*Skill: Freeze Shot – A frozen arrow that stuns for 2 attacks.

-Lower scavenger rats on top of pet find from respawning
-Create new Mend icon
-Chance for new weapon to drop on the weapon rack in the ruins
-Slightly raise SP cost on crono strike (10-12)
-Other small bug fixes on older devices.

Thanks so much for your support! If you love the game please leave a review it helps sooooo much!!!

Adventure To Fate : Quest To The Future JRPG Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

New: Shards of Memories: an Art Puzzle Adventure (Games)

Shards of Memories: an Art Puzzle Adventure 1.0

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Games
Price: $ 1.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


Walk down memory lane and recollect pieces of your past by solving puzzles in the Shards of Memories game! Enter the mind of someone who’s loved and lost. Follow the short story of a troubled professor during one of the most challenging days of his life. As he fights anxiety and depression, a series of intriguing events will bring back old memories, awaken past emotions, but also determine a path for his future.


◈ Hours of immersive gameplay
The story is split in 3 chapters and 91 unique levels
◈ Multiple endings
Through solving the puzzles, you can choose how the events will unfold
◈ Original artwork
Shards of Memories is a collaboration of artists and it has an original story, photography and soundtrack
◈ Interactive background


Shards of Memories: an Art Puzzle Adventure is a mind puzzle game that takes you on an emotional adventure. It is a game that brings out the sad beauty of despair, and contrasts it with the sentimental hope for joy. It focuses on the things that matter in life, beyond all the games for adults we are used to playing.


The Shards of Memories gameplay is intuitive and easy to use. By putting the pieces to the frame, you will recollect memories, deep thoughts and feelings of the main character. Things that represent moments in time, captured by the mind.


The atmospheric and artistic game setting is provided by the collaboration of the story, photography and music. All of these elements leave a unique, dramatic impression, that in the end, proves to be very rewarding.


Shards of Memories has a strong psychological theme and it faithfully describes a specific state of mind. The game explores what it takes to move on and get over a meaningful relationship. In dealing with anxiety and depression, the protagonist uses introspection to better understand his emotional past. By doing so, he hopes to find a way of coping during a difficult period in his life. While the game allows the players certain psychological insight, it also provides a pleasant stimulation for the brain and promotes visual thinking.


◈ Relaxing gameplay
Unlike most puzzle games, Shards of Memories: an Art Puzzle Adventure has no time restrictions. Play for fun.
◈ Achievements
Unlock chapters to collect points on Game Center
◈ Localization
You can play the game in 8 different languages.

Shards of Memories: an Art Puzzle Adventure Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Update: Aurora – Puzzle Adventure (Games)

Aurora – Puzzle Adventure 1.39

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 1.99, Version: 1.38 -> 1.39 (iTunes)


***IMPORTANT: requires at least iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 3 or newer, and iPad mini 2 or newer.***

Push, pop, spin and manipulate obstacles to solve delightful puzzles in this revolutionary match-3 game with a twist, handcrafted by an award-winning team.

Join Aurora as she bravely sets out across a surreal skyscape in search of her lost friends. Embark on a dreamlike journey to rescue her magical cats and outsmart the mysterious force that threatens her peaceful universe.

Key features:

– Twist and rotate a stunning 3D world to collect precious artifacts and solve clever puzzles

– Play over 200 mind-twisting and ingenious levels
– Match and pop enchanted blocks to clear obstacles and reunite with your feline friends
– Overcome a wide diversity of challenges: fire blocks, water obstacles, spinning cubes, spikes, and much more
– Enter a sublime and peaceful universe suspended above the clouds

Aurora is compatible with the iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 3 or newer, and iPad mini 2 or newer.

What’s New

– Minor bug fixes

Aurora – Puzzle Adventure Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Price Drop: Nevertales: Shattered Image – A Hidden Object Storybook Adventure (Full) (Games)

Nevertales: Shattered Image – A Hidden Object Storybook Adventure (Full) 1.0.4

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Games
Price: $ 2.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.4 (iTunes)


Pay once, play forever! No in-app purchases!

A mysterious mirror-hopping monster has taken your daughter and now the entire world is splitting apart at the seams! The solution is in your hands – just turn the page…

Your daughter Alice has a special talent—she can use mirrors to seek out distant worlds and hidden realms.

When a shadowy creature suddenly appears through one of the portals and kidnaps Alice, your world begins to shatter! You must travel into Book-worlds to save your daughter and your world!

Travel through fantastical locations, find old friends and encounter new ones, solve ancient mysteries and puzzles, and search for useful items within hidden object scenes as you seek out a way to rescue your child.

Earn achievements and find hidden collectibles scattered through various locations! Plus, enjoy exclusive extras such as replayable mini-games, wallpapers, and concept art!

*This game is best experienced on iOS 7.0 and up.*

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What’s New

In this update:

• Optimizations and bug fixes to improve overall game performance.

Thanks for the continued feedback and support, and happy gaming!

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Nevertales: Shattered Image – A Hidden Object Storybook Adventure (Full) Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Price Drop: Space Expedition: Classic Adventure (Games)

Space Expedition: Classic Adventure 1.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ .99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


Space Expedition is an exciting oldschool platform game with a colorful mixture of gameplay genres. This is a story of brave astronaut who is to discover what really happened on a distant space station.

Discover new locations, solve puzzles, evade the traps, fight monsters, operate machines and pilot spaceships in a good old pixel-art atmosphere! You’ll have to be smart to complete quests, witty to escape danger, attentive to overcome obstacles and brave to fight the enemy in a open combat. The game for real heroes awaits you!

Get ready for the adventure, put on your space suit and charge your jetpack – the quest begins ! Space Expedition, new sharp game from the creators of Parking Mania and Dead Ahead.

What’s New

Bug fixes & improvements

Space Expedition: Classic Adventure Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Price Drop: Adaline — An adventure of stealth, skill and cats (Games)

Adaline — An adventure of stealth, skill and cats 1.02

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ .99 -> Free, Version: 1.02 (iTunes)


"In a market that too often feels saturated with poorly crafted games that center around contrived gameplay and microtransactions, it’s an absolute delight to discover something as fun and fresh as Adaline." — Aria Maryn, Load The Game

"Adaline’s graphics and concept are pretty awesome. The graphics and characters are adorable, and there aren’t enough good things to say about a cat that attacks wolves." — Nadia Oxford, Gamezebo

Adaline just got her degree in political science and decides to open a pizza place in the woods, not knowing that is home to a hungry pack of wolves. Only some unexpected allies¹ will help her avoid being turned into take-away food.

¹Cats are the unexpected allies

Using a mix of stealth, skill, tactical farting and good old physical violence against your enemies. Hurry up or you won’t get any tips.

A ludicrous story and one illustration for each completed level. And a lot of them for the ending, if you make it.

How many games let you throw cats at your enemies? Also a lot of NPC cats.

The same guys who did the sound for Empire of Sands, Jet Bee, Supermagical and a lot more games way more important than this one.

Painstakingly hand-drawn and computer colored.

Nothing says “game on” like an MFi controller.

Pay once, play until you get bored.

Adaline is the debut game from The Chocobollo Company, formed by Cristina Ochoa in charge of art and design (majored in Fine Arts and with a Masters in Illustration by ESAT) and Luis Garcia in charge of programming (we’re deeply sorry about that). Music and sound effects were masterfully crafted by Alejandro Escuder.

What’s New

— Fixed control quirks!
We’ve improved the virtual joystick to have a better feedback and now is much harder to get blocked.

Adaline — An adventure of stealth, skill and cats Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS