The Tuesday best of – Point and click adventures for iPhone and iPad

It’s Tuesday. You probably noticed I wasn’t around on Friday and Monday. It’s not because I’m lazy, it’s because they were holidays in the UK. Fret not though, because I’m back, and I’ve got lovely content for you to ogle.

First up we’ve got our Tuesday best of. And since there’s a new Telltale game out, based on Guardians of the Galaxy, I thought it’d be fitting to look at some of the best point and click adventures on mobile.

As usual, you can click on the name of the game below to go and download them. And if you haven’t played any of them, I suggest you should do just that. Yup. Uh huh. Okay then.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

A super clever adventure about a dead detective. Solve crimes before they happen by poking and prodding the screen. And have a lovely old time doing it. Fresh and original, it’s gorgeous to look at as well.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

It was hard to choose one classic remaster to add to this list. I’ve gone for this one though, because it doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. One from the heyday of…

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Price Drop: Adventures of Pip (Games)

Adventures of Pip 1.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 5.99 -> $ 1.99, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


“Adventures of Pip is a delightful little platformer full of charm, challenge and impeccable level design.”
4/5 – Hardcore Gamer

"A retro platformer that sets itself apart with the protagonist’s transformation from a single pixel into 8- and 16-bit incarnations."
8/10 – EGMNow

“The unique gameplay mechanics, including evo- and devolution, further add to the game’s appeal, setting it apart from many of the modern platformers available today.”
4.5/5 – Gizorama

Adventures of Pip revitalizes the classic side-scrolling action platform genre. Pip — the ultimate digital underdog – is a lowly single pixel in a 32-bit world who proves that you can’t judge a hero by the fidelity of his shaders. During the game, Pip gains the ability to evolve and grow by absorbing pixels from his fallen foes. Those same pixels can then be used to blast through environment puzzles and enemies, devolving Pip back to a single pixel. Players will explore five stylized worlds and experience up to 10 hours of epic adventure saving Pip’s village from the evil Queen DeRezzia.

Inspired by classic platformers, Adventures of Pip basks in a world where players can defeat a huge 32-bit boss as a single pixel or even as an 8-bit character.

With three different forms, evolve and devolve Pip to solve puzzles and defeat enemies; each with their own weakness and strength that must be unraveled throughout the campaign.

What’s New

****On Sale for a limited time only!****
Thank you for all your feedback and comments! We appreciate all your support — please continue sending all your feedback through the comments section or if you would like, you can email us directly at!

Happy playing!

Queen DeRezzia can’t hold us down! We located the nasty bug that caused some player’s game to crash when the ‘Welcome’ banner for Game Center appeared due to large friend list.

You can now fully customize the D-Pad controls! Resize or move the buttons to your liking!

Various bug fixes.

Adventures of Pip Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

The 3 best Tin Man Games adventures you can play on your iPad and iPhone

Tin Man Games has got a new version of the classic gamebook The Warlock of Firetop Mountain coming out next week, so I thought this was a pretty good time to look at some of the company’s other games and decide which three are the best.

Yeah, that’s right, it’s time for one of those articles where I make subjective choices about games in order to get you riled up and shouting at me in the comments. Alas though, it never really works.

Anyway, if you’re just starting your Tin Man journey, these three games are the ones you should be starting with. And if you click on their emboldened names you’ll be taken to the App Store where you can download them. Awwwwww yeah.

Appointment with F.E.A.R

This is the only game on the list that ties back to the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks with which Tin Man made its digital name. And it’s a step up from the more standard swords-and-sorcery experience.

You’re a superhero who’s trying to save the world. And stay alive. And do a bunch of other stuff as well. And the whole game is presented a lot like a comic, which makes it far more exciting to look at.

Bright and bold and with an intriguing story, if you’ve ever thought gamebooks were a bit stuffy, then this is an amazing place to start your adventures.…

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Price Drop: Gamebook Adventures 2: The Siege of the Necromancer (Games)

Gamebook Adventures 2: The Siege of the Necromancer 4.61

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 1.99 -> Free, Version: 4.61 (iTunes)


Second in the series of critically acclaimed interactive fantasy gamebooks in which you, the reader, control the direction of the story! You do not need to have played any previous Gamebook Adventures titles in order to play this.

"Set in the coastal town of Myr, you have returned home after a long Summer in the mines of Durath Tor to find your hometown besieged by strange creatures. A dark presence has taken over the town and you are the only one who can rid the stronghold of Erid Buul, the mysterious new Lord and his ghastly cohorts."

"The graphics are simply excellent, with selectable fonts and backgrounds available. The quality of the design is such that it’s easy to forget you’re holding a mere iPhone in your hands and not a real-live book." – TouchMyApps

"The quality of the writing here is superb. Like the first game the author manages to keep your interest held, with the vocabulary rich and the writing witty and descriptive, holding an element of tension throughout." – Games Uncovered

"…the host of smaller parts really make The Siege of the Necromancer shine in comparison to the increasing number of adaptations of the old books." – Know Your Mobile

Gamebook Adventures 2: The Siege of the Necromancer has the following features:
•Newly written fantasy adventure story containing magic, monsters and mystery. We are not simply a re-print of old gamebooks with each GA story lovingly crafted by experienced gamebook authors.
•Easy to use interface with classic page turning. As easy as reading a book!
•Read in portrait or landscape. (iPad only)
•Dynamic page links that respond to your situation.
•New gamebook rules and battle system unique to Gamebook Adventures. Rules are accessible at any time during the adventure if you need to refresh yourself.
•Real-time 3D dice rolling with realistic physics. Shake the device like a dice shaker and watch the 3D dice bounce around the scene and off each other. Stop shaking and the dice will land giving you a result.
•Quick Dice feature for those who want to speed up dice rolls
•Easy to change fonts, font sizes, and paper type to set up the book the way you want it.
•Accessible character sheet at all times during reading which auto updates when you pick up an item, your stats change, or you gain valuable information to help in your quest.
•Difficulty levels – Classic, Bookworm and Novice.
•Use bookmarks to save your progress helping you get past tricky sections.
•Many paths to follow, with each revealing important story arcs. Lots of potential ways to complete the book and get the perfect ending.
•Achievements to collect throughout the book for those who wish to thoroughly explore all aspects of the story.
•Beautifully illustrated by Dan Maxwell. Once found, each illustration is framed and mounted on the achievements wall so they can be accessed full-screen!
•High resolution artwork which takes advantage of the iPhone 4 retina screen and iPad screen dimensions.
•Keep informed as the land of Orlandes grows. “Orlandes Uncovered” is a detailed history of the fantasy setting and will be updated at regular intervals giving you a rich and rewarding overall experience with the gamebooks.
•Interactive world map which can be zoomed and scrolled. This will also be updated regularly as the details about the world unfold and expand.

Gamebook Adventures is brought together through the efforts of passionate and avid gamebook enthusiasts. If you are familiar with the Fighting Fantasy, Sorcery, Lone Wolf or Grail Quest series then Gamebook Adventures will really appeal to you. Our aim is to give those nostalgic readers of old something new and fresh, and bring a new exciting experience to those unfamiliar with gamebooks. If you enjoy fantasy RPGs or adventure games then this is for you!

What’s New

Fixed a problem that could cause the map to be unable to pan and zoom.
Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong music to play.
Added a new cinematic intro.

Gamebook Adventures 2: The Siege of the Necromancer Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

New: Pathfinder Adventures (Games)

Pathfinder Adventures 1.00

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.00 (iTunes)


Supports iPad 3 and up
Unsupported devices, please turn off "Effects" in the in-game settings

Pathfinder Adventures, the digital adaptation of Paizo Inc.’s Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, translates the world’s best-selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game into an entirely new breed of card game, where players cooperatively battle monsters and villains, and acquire new feats, items, weapons and allies.

Role-players will find the game’s character development very familiar. Characters have classes such as fighter, wizard, and rogue, as well as numbers that define strength, dexterity, intelligence, etc. You’ll improve your character by acquiring new items, allies, spells, and weapons as you explore and overcome challenges; over time, you’ll be able to customize your deck to better suit your own individual vision of your character.

The game can be played solo, or with other adventurers using built-in pass-and-play functionality.

Pathfinder Adventures is free to download and play, however, some game items can be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

A network connection is required to earn in game currency during play.

•Explore the towns, cities, dungeons and landscapes of the Rise of the Runelords campaign, including the fiercely-independent Sandpoint and the goblin-infested isle of Thistletop.
•Every locale has been transformed from a card image to beautifully enhanced and animated backdrops.
•Reactive cut scenes featuring Pathfinder’s iconic characters.
•An interactive tutorial ensures the game is easy to learn for new adventurers and veterans of the Pathfinder universe alike.
•No physical card game set-up required. Pathfinder Adventures gets players straight into the action.
•Multiple adventure profiles so that players can experience the campaign using every character.
•Single player and pass-and-play multiplayer gameplay mode.

Official Pathfinder Adventures Homepage –
Official Obsidian Forums –

Pathfinder Adventures Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Update: Pang Adventures (Games)

Pang Adventures 1.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 2.99, Version: 1.0 -> 1.1 (iTunes)



"A game that bursts with enjoyment." 9/10 Pocket Gamer

"You can grab Pang Adventures without a second thought. It’s completely worthy of its legacy." 8/10 Touch Arcade

* * *

The Pang series is a beloved collection of arcade video games from the early 90s. Guide two brothers on a quest around the world to save humankind from a massive alien invasion! Use your wits and skills to overcome the attack balls pouring from the skies and rescue the world’s cities and landmarks from impending annihilation!

Pang Adventures brings new features and gameplay to this arcade legend while keeping true to the original spirit of the series.

●3 different ball-popping modes:
Tour Mode: Fight back the alien forces, one location at a time!
Score Attack: Save the world with only 3 lives and NO CONTINUES! The real arcade experience!
Panic Mode: Bust balls like a legend! 99 levels of continuous battle will put your skills to the ultimate test!

●More than 100 levels scattered throughout Antarctica, Scotland, Death Valley, Bora Bora… each location with its own unique tricks and twists!

●The Pang Bros. have upgraded their gear since the last alien invasion: machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers, shurikens…you name it, they’ve got it!

●Boss fights! For the first time in the series, the Pang Brothers come face-to-face with the nefarious Alien Commanders! These villains didn’t come to Earth for the sightseeing…so get ready to blow them to smithereens!

●Since the last invasion, the Aliens have been busy improving their attack ball technology! Electric, explosive, smoke and lava balls will all be deployed to knock you off your feet, so be prepared!

●No ads, no in-app purchase, no hidden costs! Enjoy the full content!

The simplest recipes make the best cookies! Pang Adventures is one delicious treat specifically designed to please your digital tastebuds and get you hooked! So keep your eyes peeled and your reflexes razor sharp to succeed and save the world!

What’s New

– Fix issue with Spanish and Portuguese localisation
– Stability improvements
– Fix input issues when shooting and running

Pang Adventures Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Tips and tricks to get a high score in every level of Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is the new mobile follow-up to Jungle Run and Fiesta Run and a lot has changed. The focus is less on speed here (for the most part) and is instead on exploration, thanks to the new ability to change direction.

Rayman also has a new companion called the Incrediballs – cute little creatures which provide handy power-ups that help you get a higher score.

Achieving that high score – and earning the chest of gems to boot – is different in each of the different level types. To help you get there, we’ve compiled a guide to each type to get you earning those gems faster.

Catch all the Lums!

As the name suggests, the aim here is to gather as many Lums as possible. It makes sense then that you should bring three Inhaler Incrediballs into these levels with you.

These Incrediballs draw all nearby Lums into Rayman so you don’t have to work quite so hard to collect them. It’s essential in some of the faster-paced levels.

Aside from that, you should just remain on your guard and make sure to grab as many Lums and coins as possible – making an extra effort to grab purple Lums. These double the number of Lums you collect temporarily and make an enormous difference to your score at the end.

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Tips and tricks to get the highest scores in Rayman Adventures

It’s Christmas, that perfect time of year to put your feet up, grab your brand new device, and play some good old mobile games.

Not sure what to play? Well, we recommend Rayman Adventures, the brand new mobile platformer that continues where the excellent Jungle Run and Fiesta Run left off.

That means you’ll sprint, jump, and punch your way through a ton of beautiful new levels – except this time with a much greater freedom of movement.

You can now swipe to change direction at any time, and explore the highs and lows of every level to find hidden stuff. It completely changes your approach to every section.

There’s another exciting new feature – the Incrediballs. These are collectable companions who provide awesome power-ups to help you get higher scores.


And that’s the focus of this here guide, really – to help you use these Incrediballs and Rayman’s skills to get the highest scores in each and every level.

How to use your Incrediballs

Incrediballs are an incredibly powerful new companion for Rayman and you’d do yourself disservice if you ignored them – so don’t.

They come in three different types. Seekers hunt for hidden Teensies and Lums, Protectors temporarily keep you safe from…

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Deck Rayman and Barbara in Christmas Costumes in the first Rayman Adventures update

Rayman Adventures, which launched on December 3rd, has already been awarded a place among the App Store’s ‘Best of 2015’.

It picks up where Jungle Run and Fiesta Run left off, except this time there’s a larger focus on exploration thanks to a new ability to swipe and change direction.

Aside from that though, you’ll still be running through a variety of UbiArt-developed levels, beating up enemies, collecting Lums, and freeing captured Teensies as before.

In terms of plot, Rayman and his Viking companion Barbara have to save the enchanted forest which is in danger after the ancient eggs that keep the sacred tree safe were stolen.

These eggs contain Rayman’s greatest ally to date – the Incrediballs. They’re bizarre in appearance but have special abilities which help Rayman to achieve the highest score – and the biggest rewards – in each level.

They come in three different forms. Seekers hunt high and low for hidden items, Protectors beat up enemies, and Inhalers pull all Lums towards you like magnets.


You can bring up to three Incrediballs into a level with you, with the power of their abilities increasing when you choose more than one of the same family.

For example, if you choose three Inhalers, the…

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Price Drop: Gamebook Adventures 10: Lords of Nurroth (Games)

Gamebook Adventures 10: Lords of Nurroth 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 5.99 -> $ .99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


Nurroth, north of Orlandes City, is often viewed as an uncultured den of pirates and thieves. As a professional thief yourself, you get more than you bargain for after completing your most recent job. Clearly, you’ve stolen something you shouldn’t have. The Nurrothian Lords are on your trail, and you’re soon caught in a political tangle between Nurroth and Falavia. But a thief’s life is never meant to be easy…


•Customize your character! Become skilled in Persuasion, Stealth, Thievery and Perception!
•Includes all the interactive reading and gameplay features found in the previous Gamebook Adventures titles.
•Read and dictate the direction of the story! Options based on who you have met, where you have visited and what you have found.
•Lots of achievements to collect and artwork to find throughout the book. These are placed on your achievement wall.
•Three difficulty levels. Read the book casually by being able to move around freely or crank up the difficulty and be the ultimate gamebook player.

Lords of Nurroth has been created using Tin Man Games’ critically acclaimed Gamebook Adventures Engine featuring:

•Read the book horizontally or vertically on your iPad.
•An automated Adventure Sheet to keep track of stats and inventory.
•Realistic physics based dice rolling. Shake your device!
•Artwork gallery. Find an illustration in the gamebook and be able to access it full-screen forever.
•Bookmarking system which saves your position in the gamebook, much like putting your fingers between the pages to remember your previous page when reading the paperback!

Join Tin Man Games at for lots more exciting digital gamebooks including the Fighting Fantasy series and Judge Dredd!

Gamebook Adventures 10: Lords of Nurroth Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS