Gangstar New Orleans guide for iPhone, iPad, and Android – Part 3: Play without spending

In today’s instalment of our Gangstar: New Orleans guide, we’re going to look at how you can get the most out of the game without paying a shiny penny. There are a number of ways to do this, and we’ll break them down for you.

Tomorrow we’re going to look at some more advanced tips and tricks, because that’s the sort of thing we like to do on Thursday. So make sure you come back for that if you can, it’d be lovely to see you.

Right now though, put your wallet away and let’s pick through some strategies that will ensure you’re not bankrupting yourself to be the best criminal that ever did crime.


Make sure you check in regularly to get as many rewards as you can. The game isn’t shy when it comes to giving away spirit jars, so ensure you’re getting as many of them as you can. Check your menu regularly to see what you’ve got.


The same goes for your achievements. You get rewarded as you play, so make sure you grab everything the game is giving you to fill up your coffers. You won’t just get spirit jars, you’ll get cash and upgrade materials too.

Daily Quests

Every day you get a bunch of new quests to perform. It’s important to work through these every 24 hours, because the rewards you get should sustain you for a good long while.

You even get a quest that involves completing all the quests. They’re not easy, but they’ll…

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Gangstar New Orleans is out right now for iPhone, iPad, and Android – Here’s everything you need to know

Gangstar: New Orleans is the latest in Gameloft’s murdery crime franchise. Think GTA on mobile and you’re about half way there. Well, actually you’re about all of the way there.

But what do you need to know before you jump into the game’s world of car-jackings, drug deals, and all manner of other underworld activities? Well, you need to know everything in the list just below.

You can click on the emboldened name of the game to head over to the App Store where you can download it for free. And join us next week where we’ll be going over the game with a fine-tooth comb in one of our massive guides.

Gangstar: New Orleans – Free

What is it?

Like the intro says, it’s the newest in Gameloft’s series of GTA aping crime sims. This time it’s set in New Orleans and it’s free to play.

You play a grizzled gangster type who’s setting out with some unscrupulous friends to take over a power vacuum left by a series of arrest by the New Orleans police.

To that end you complete tasks, murder a lot of people, and try and claim turf from other gang leaders on your way to the top.

Free to play you say?

I did say that, didn’t I? Yup, while the game is still ostensibly open world, every time you perform a mission you’ll have to spend some energy.

There’s plenty of ot…

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Everything you need to know about Pokemon Duel on iPhone, iPad, and Android

In a break to our regularly scheduled content, I figured I should probably write something about the new Pokemon game that’s just come out on the App Store.

Yeah, you read that right, there’s a new Pokemon game on the App Store. How could I write about anything else when I’m so excited about all of those Pokemon and the balls and all the rest of that stuff.

Anyway, here’s a break down of all the stuff you need to know about Pokemon Duel. So you can just jump straight in and start duelling some Pokemon. Classic.

What is it?

It’s not your standard Pokemon game, that’s for sure, and it’s not the sort of thing that’s likely to make as much noise as Pokemon GO. What it is is a strategy boardgame that sees you using your Poke-deck to beat a foe.

You collect different Pokemon and then use them to take control of a grid. There are little fights that involve spinning a wheel, and cards you can play that change some of the effects that your monsters have.

What’s the set up?

You’re working your way through a series of fights to prove you’re the best. I think the opening cinematic heavily suggests that if you’re victorious you’ll nab yourself a giant tower. Which is sort of cool.

Put in your own name, play a few practice bouts, and you’re good to go. But don’t be surprised if you get trounced to begin with.

There’s a surprising amount of depth here, in spite of the fact that thing…

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The 3 best Android phones available in 2016 – Does the Pixel make the cut?

Are you a fan of slightly glitchy interfaces? Love holding cheap materials in your hand? Like your devices in the explodey variety?

Then you’ll love Android phones!

Nah, I’m kidding – Android is alright. I’ve got nothing against them. I’ve got one myself, in fact, because I can’t afford an iPhone. Oh well.

But if your heart’s set on getting a ‘Droid, or you just can’t quite scrape enough together to go for an iPhone, then check out our list of the best Android phones out there today.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel

Cost: £599 / £719

Where better to start than what Google hopes is the iPhone’s new nemesis? The Pixel comes with iPhone grade prices, but also iPhone grade specs.

It’s armed with 4GB RAM, Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processor, a 5in / 5.5in AMOLED screen, 32GB or 128GB storage, a 8MP selfie camera and a 12MP rear camera. Phew, that was a mouthful.

It’s also boasting Google’s answer to Siri, Google Assistant, built in, and it’s the only phone currently built for Google’s new VR headset, Daydream.

Oh, and it has a headphone jack 😉

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3

Cost: £329

You may not have h…

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RTS title Battleplans now also available for Android systems

Android owners with a penchant for RTS titles can celebrate: publishers En Masse Entertainment have released their successful title, Battleplans, for Android systems and no longer just Apple products. However, Apple users will be pleased to discover a new update for the title on iOS devices.

Revolving around the gist of the strategy genre, whilst incorporating modern elements such a precision-planning and real-time integration, Battleplans opens up the genre to a vast mass of prospective players.

By either following the main story of ‘Skulls’, where players must strive to advance the skills and special abilities of their playable heroes, or unlocking the endless element of the real-time world, the title ensures hours of immersive gameplay.

The update includes the introduction of a new playable hero: Taigar the Huntress, a quirky little character who is rather fond of sleeping in trees and whose special ability is the Mystical Stag.

CEO of En Masse Entertainment, Sam Kim, wrote of the recent release: “Battleplans provides a fresh, new spin on real-time strategy games and fills a need in the marketplace.

“Players will find themselves immediately getting to the
fun elements of an RTS with easy controls to build heroes and squads, as well as scalable resourc…

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