The best free iPhone games – The AppSpy list

Oh hello. How’s it going? I hope you’re well. I’ve decided to start something a little bit special here on AppSpy. It’s a list, but it’s unlike any list you’ve ever seen before in your entire life. Because it’s a list that’s going to keep growing.

It’s a list of the best free games on iPhone, and every week I’m going to be adding five more. One day the list will probably become sentient and take over the world. But until that day, it’s just going to offer you a chance to find out the best free games on the App Store.

So without further ado let’s throw ourselves head first into this frankly ridiculous idea. Oh, and you can click the emboldened names of the games to wander off to the App Store and download them. Hope you have fun! Kthnxbai

April 12th

Platform Panic

Another brilliant game from Nitrome makes it onto the list by virtue of it being brilliant. This one mixes an endless runner, some twitchy jumping, and a bunch of retro charm to great effect. Add it to your library now.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

A fast-paced kart racer starring a bunch of Sega’s most fam…

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The 10 best AppSpy videos of 2016

Happy New Year from everyone here at AppSpy! We hope you’re not too hungover and that you managed to see 2017 in with as much of a bang as you wanted. Whether that’s a small bang or a big bang we’ve got your back. Don’t you fret.

We’ll be back in the new year with more excellent content about mobile gaming and shiny things that we’ve seen, but we thought now was the perfect time to look back at some of the videos that we made in 2016.

So without further ado, here are the ten best videos that we made in 2016. We hope you enjoy them, and we’ll see you back here in a couple of days when normal service will resume.

The best videos of 2016

First up we have this excellent piece about just how scary Night Terrors is. The conclusion? It’s pretty scary.

Then we had a look at the prettiest games on mobile. Which is something that’s pretty easy to do with a video.

Next we wondered where all these GO games were coming from.

We also had a ponder about whether or not Super Mario Run would be the death of Nintendo.

No Man’s Sky was one of the big console releases of the year. So we thought of some games a bit like it you could play on mobile.

Then we made up a game that was a mix between Pokemon and Tinder. Because we’re super edgy.

If you wanted to see all the transformations in Transf…

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The AppSpy retrospective – The 3 best games of December 2016

And here we are. The final part of our look back at some of the best games that came out this year. December is usually a pretty quiet month, but that’s just not been the case in 2016. In fact it might have been the best month of the year.

As honourable mentions go we should probably point out the port of Rockstar’s Bully, the pretty brilliant Colt Express, and the really rather good Fieldrunners Attack! But the list we’ve ended up with is even better.

So for the last time, let’s dip into the archives with our rose tinted spectacles and misty eyes and have a look at the best iOS games that came out in December 2016.

Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore

A massive space battler that sees the series finally understanding mobile gaming. It’s gorgeous, it’s surprisingly deep, and the simple controls let you swoosh through the emptiness of space with ease.

Throw in some allies who help you out on your missions, a massive chunk of the galaxy to explore, and more missions than you can throw an awful lot of mission sticks at, and you’re left with something special.

Also did I mention how good it looks? I mean seriously, I am in love with all of the explosions. This is the perfect jumping-on point for the GoF series.

Super Mario Run

Of course this was going to be on here. It’s pretty much the most important mobile…

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The AppSpy retrospective – The 3 best games of April 2016

We’re up to April in our retrospective series. Doesn’t time fly? But only in one direction. Like a bird condemned to forever fly around the world, never stopping, never experiencing a rest, just ever onwards into an endless dawn.

Anyway April was a pretty damn good month for mobile gaming, as you’ll probably be able to see from the three games that make it on to our best-of list. They’re fresh, they’re exciting, and there’s a good chance you’ve forgotten all about them in the past eight months.

So this list is going to set that straight. Top up your coffee, turn off any other electrical devices that might distract you, and let’s get right on with it.

Pang Adventures

A super hard reboot of a super hard original. Pang is built around a simple central premise – go and pop a load of bubbles. But these aren’t the sort of bubbles you or I might be used to in real life.

Because real life bubbles tend not to kill you if they touch you. There are some puzzling elements here, as well as a good deal of twitching as you try and avoid getting squished by evil alien bubbles.

Of all the retro-tinged games that came out this year, this is amongst the best of them. It understands what made Pang so good, and then wraps that understanding in super smooth graphics.


A brilliant, mobile strategy game tha…

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The AppSpy retrospective – The 3 best games of March 2016

March. That seems like it was ages ago. Even saying March feels like a step back into the dim and distant past. March March March March. I’ve said it too many times now and it’s lost all meaning. Ah well.

As we continue our look back at the last 12 months of mobile gaming, we’ve reached the first of our really big hitters. March saw the release of Clash Royale, and unless you’ve been living under a rock without a 4G connection for 9 months, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard of it.

But it wasn’t the only gem to come out that month. In fact there were quite a few. But in my humble opinion, these three right here were the finest. Disagree? Then let us know in the comments below.

Clash Royale

A mobile MOBA that looks lovely, has the budget of Supercell behind it, and captured our imagination for most of the early part of the year. It’s not just good fun, it’s great fun, and the competitive nature of the game pushes you on to smash your foes.

Sure there’s a plateau you’re going to reach when you either dig in hard or get bored and go do something else, but there are plenty of people out there still playing and spending on this one. It’s fast, it’s frantic, and it’s an awful lot of fun.


An auto-running platformi…

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AppSpy is hiring a part time Staff Writer

Steel Media is hiring a part time Staff Writer to produce written features, reviews, and news for AppSpy, a leading mobile games and apps website.

AppSpy takes an alternative look at the world of apps. With a focus on video, AppSpy is the place to go and see the latest mobile games in action. The site prides itself on its professional video reviews and features that provide expert analysis and opinions on all of the best mobile games as soon as they hit the market.

AppSpy also has a constantly growing YouTube channel – which boasts over 80,000 subscribers – and started broadcasting live streams over Twitch in the past year. It now has over 5 million views to date, and allows the site to interact directly with its audience.

Going forward, AppSpy is looking to expand its written editorial coverage – and that’s where you come in.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for a writer who knows their Monument Valleys from their Clash of Clans to write features, reviews, and news for AppSpy on a daily basis. Then you’ll promote that content across our channels as well as explore other avenues to help your content get the most traction possible.

In brief:

  • You love mobile games and have a strong level of knowledge about them.
  • You’ve written all sorts of content for a bun

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Got a new phone or tablet for Christmas? Here are 5 easy steps to use AppSpy to get the best games on the cheap

We know how it is: you get a new piece of gaming hardware, and you immediately think “this is awesome, I want to fill it up with super cool games… I wonder what’s cheap on the App Store?”.

You need wonder no longer – AppSpy is here to help you get all the best games and apps as cheaply as possible, and sometimes even for free!

Here’s what you do;

1. Ensure you’ve signed up for an AppSpy account. It’s free, and takes about 30 seconds to do.

2. Find any app or game you fancy playing. You can search for them here, or you can browse the very best iOS has to offer with our Top Rated list.

3. Having clicked through to the game, you should see a page that looks something like this. Now all you need to figure out is how much you think you’d like to pay for it. Personally I reckon $ 2.99 for BioShock would be a steal, so I simply select that price from the drop down box on the right of the page, under the blue text that reads “Start tracking apps and save money”.

4. That’s it, we’ll let you know whenever it goes on sale to that price (or below), and you can then decide if you want to buy it at its reduc…

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