The best hints, tip, and tricks for Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Well, a new Sonic game has come out on the App Store, and it’s not a total heap of garbage. In fact, it’s actually a really interesting take on the auto-runner. There’s a big multiplayer twist here, and it makes for some pretty darn thrilling races.

But there are some hints and tricks that are going to make sure you’re always coming out top of the leaderboard. And because we like you here at AppSpy, we thought we’d round them up in one handy guide.

And if you’ve got your own tips to throw into the mix, feel free to do it in the comments section down at the bottom of the article. Go on, you know you want to.

The basics

In simple terms, Sonic Forces is all about getting across the finish line first. The game controls your forward momentum, and you need to swipe to move across the four different lanes, leap over things, and slide out of harm’s way.

Rings are the key to success. The more rings you have, the faster you go. That’s why it’s important to avoid as much as possible, and grab the shiny gold things whenever you get the chance. Collect 100 of them and you’ll reach top speed.


All the characters have different versions of the same power-ups. One that shoots forwards, one that speeds you up, one that gives you a shield, and one that creates a barrier across the three lanes that you’re not in.

Knowing when to use these is super important. Don’t waste a rocket when th…

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Star Wars: Force Arena guide – Part five – Battle hints and tips

In the last part of our series on Star Wars: Force Arena we’re going to look at some hints and tips for the meat of the game – the battles.

If you’ve not checked out the other parts of our guide, well now is as good a time as any to do it. But if you’re only interested in getting some help winning fights, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

So with a little bit more ado, here’s how to make sure you’re always kicking ass and taking names in this excellent Star Wars-themed MOBA. Don’t all thank us at once, y’hear?


It’s tempting to splurge out a unit and charge out onto the field of battle. You might make a bit of progress, but it’s much smarter to take a few seconds to let your energy reserves build up.

That means you’re going to have more units when you stride out, making you a much more formidable challenge.

Sit and split

If you’ve got units that are in groups of more than two, there’s a sneaky way to use them to attack both sides of the map. Stand where your hero spawns and call out the units.

Half will go up one track, half will go up the other track. It’s a good way to keep your enemy guessing about where to send their own forces.

Think about your hero

Your hero is the most mobile of the units at your disposal, which means they&rs…

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Price Drop: TapMon Battle (Games)

TapMon Battle 1.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ .99 -> Free, Version: 1.2 (iTunes)


It’s time to battle!
Tap! Tap! Tap! Try tap a egg to hatch a Tapmon!
Do a battle with another tapmons using your hatched tapmons!

*How to play*
Complete the limited taps before time expires.
Be careful! If you tap a newborn tapmon, the tapmon will run away.
Please wait until the tapmon goes to the collection room after hatching!

Earn gold by doing a battle and selling a tapmon.

-Supports Apple Watch
-Over 180 different types of TapMons!
-Tap! Tap! Try tap a egg to hatch a monster!
-Be careful! If you tap a newborn mon, the mon will run away.
-Try tap the nest and get a gold!
-Do a battle with another tapmons using your hatched tapmons!

What’s New

– Add 100 Monster
– Change mini game ( Apple Watch )

TapMon Battle Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

The next Pokemon GO update will help you pick the best Pokemon for battle

Niantic is readying its next big Pokemon GO update, and while there’s still no sign of a proper tracking feature, we can expect an interesting tool to help us pick our team for battle.

Version 0.35.0 for Android and 1.5.0 for iOS devices is in the process of rolling out, according to Niantic. The biggest new feature to be added will be ‘Pokémon Appraisal’.

According to Niantic, “Trainers will now be able to learn about a Pokémon’s attack and defense capabilities from their Team Leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark) to determine which of their Pokémon have the most potential for battle.”

It has to be said that this sounds like a useful feature. It’s tricky to get a handle on Pokemon GO‘s vague systems at the best of times, but deciphering how your Pokemon will perform in battle seems to be a dark art.

Pokemon GO

As it turns out, the CP figure is only part of the equation. There are also hidden values that determine your Pokemon’s attack, defence, and stamina abilities.

There are tools out there to help you figure out your Pokemon’s precise capabilities. For example, PoGoToolkit enables you to feed in the figures that are known about your Pokemon, and figure out how to maximise its combat potential.…

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It’s the oldest battle of all: Dinosaurs vs caveman in Dino Bash

Everyone loves dinosaurs, and everyone knows cavemen are stupid and smelly. And their teeth are terrible…

But cavemen love eating eggs, dinosaur eggs, and so it’s up to you (and the dinosaurs) to protect those ovoid delights.

That’s the set up for Dino Bash, the first game from German developer Pokoko Studio.

Scrambled triceratops

It’s a side-scrolling defence game in which you spawn dinosaurs to defend your egg and fight off the attacking cavemen who advance across the screen from right to left. 

There are various types of dinosaurs unlock – you start with little raptors but if you play for long enough get T Rexs etc – plus there are power ups such as stones, ice, traps and meteors which you can directly use to bash those bad cavemen.

Out now, Dino Bash is free-to-play for iOS and Android

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London commuters battle monsters in Clash Of Kings stunt

Last week on the banks of the Thames, 120 knights and a couple of lava monsters reenacted a skirmish from Elex game Clash Of Kings. Here’s the official video from the event.

Confused Londoners stopped in their tracks as the vast army gathered at St Katherine’s Dock to march across Tower Bridge and to Potter’s Field where they battled on the bank of the River Thames. Look for the hastags #LondonsBattle and #FightLikeAKing on Twitter to see more photos from us and the public. Moments after the battlefield was cleared, lucky passers by were treated to free ale and a hog roast. There are some pictures from the event at Pocket Gamer‘s Facebook page.

Since launch, Clash Of Kings players have spent the equivalent of 20,400 years playing the game and over 946 billion troops have fought, more than the total number of stars and planets in the Milky Way. It’s available to download for both iOS and Android devices now.

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Indie labour of love PVP CCG Comic Battle is looking good and out now for iOS

It’s hard being a mobile game developer. That’s because there are lots of games being released all the time, and because many of those games come from big professional companies.

One tiny indie still living the dream however is Croatia outfit Bit Forest.

Consisting of just three people, they’ve been working in the spare time on labour of love Comic Battle.

It’s an interesting-looking card-collection game that mixes turn-based strategy with RPG mechanics as you level up your squad of characters. There are over 60 skills to experiment with.

Another current trend – see Clash Royale – is that Comic Battle is a PVP game so you’re always playing against another player, and battles are short – 3 minutes (see Clash Royale again).

But the thing that makes Comic Battle stand out is the neat comic book art style.

It’s free-to-play and out now on the App Store, so check it out, or get more information via the website.

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Take part in an epic battle between good and evil in Magic Duels: Shadows Over Inninstrad

The mobile trading card game, Magic Duels, has received a huge new expansion that includes all new story content and over 300 new cards.

Shadows Over Innistrad is that very expansion and is out right now in the App Store for free.

It features a brand new story about a power struggle between good and evil. You’ll face brutal werewolves in dark forests, noble vampire families vying for power, and the monstrous creatures created by mad scientists in secret laboratories.

More importantly though, new cards have been added. There are over 300 of these and they’re based on Magic: The Gathering’s Shadows Over Innistrad and Oath of the Gatewatch sets.

There’s much more on offer here like new skill quests but you’ll have to head on over to the App Store to check it all out.


Haven’t heard of Magic Duels before? Well, it’s a mobile trading card game set in the Magic: The Gathering universe which lets you experience exciting moments from its history in Story Mode.

You can also test your wits against your friends in Battle Mode or fight alongside them in Two-Headed Giant Battle.

If you’re struggling, you can practice in the offline mode where you can safely test out new builds, and there’s an excellent tutorial which teaches you how to pla…

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