RTS title Battleplans now also available for Android systems

Android owners with a penchant for RTS titles can celebrate: publishers En Masse Entertainment have released their successful title, Battleplans, for Android systems and no longer just Apple products. However, Apple users will be pleased to discover a new update for the title on iOS devices.

Revolving around the gist of the strategy genre, whilst incorporating modern elements such a precision-planning and real-time integration, Battleplans opens up the genre to a vast mass of prospective players.

By either following the main story of ‘Skulls’, where players must strive to advance the skills and special abilities of their playable heroes, or unlocking the endless element of the real-time world, the title ensures hours of immersive gameplay.

The update includes the introduction of a new playable hero: Taigar the Huntress, a quirky little character who is rather fond of sleeping in trees and whose special ability is the Mystical Stag.

CEO of En Masse Entertainment, Sam Kim, wrote of the recent release: “Battleplans provides a fresh, new spin on real-time strategy games and fills a need in the marketplace.

“Players will find themselves immediately getting to the
fun elements of an RTS with easy controls to build heroes and squads, as well as scalable resourc…

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Beautiful RTS title, Battleplans, comes to the iOS platform

To all the iOS fans out there: rejoice! This week, publishers En Masse Entertainment dropped their slickly animated game Battleplans onto the App Store for us all to enjoy – for free. Playing on a modernised take of the genre, Battleplans will be sure to excite RTS lovers new and old.



The player-driven publisher pushes the games tendency to allow complex immersion whilst remaining a non-committal title, with the tactical depth of a traditional RTS game and the accessibility and controls of a simpler device. This allows the game to be experienced by those who have perhaps never delved into the genre, too.

Focusing predominantly on tactical movement and the careful positioning of units rather than more archaic ideas of base building or resource grinding, Battleplans is as on the ball as you could hope for a mobile creation to be. The real-time element just further exacerbates the versatility of this game, and adds another aspect of tactics.



Split into two main phases of play, Battleplans works between offensive onslaughts and battles, and defensive planning against the attacks of enemies. Whether you’re finetuning your strategic placement or g…

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