Price Drop: Beautiful Go (Games)

Beautiful Go 3.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 1.99 -> Free, Version: 3.1 (iTunes)


Beautiful Go has one goal. Capture the beauty of the Go board in a digital medium.

– 19×19, 13×13, 9×9, and 5×5 unconstrained Go boards.
– Great for independent study or casual pass and play games.
– No In App Purchases.
– No ads.
– No internet connection needed to play.

What’s New

– made the game more performant
– streamlined UI

Beautiful Go Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Beautiful RTS title, Battleplans, comes to the iOS platform

To all the iOS fans out there: rejoice! This week, publishers En Masse Entertainment dropped their slickly animated game Battleplans onto the App Store for us all to enjoy – for free. Playing on a modernised take of the genre, Battleplans will be sure to excite RTS lovers new and old.



The player-driven publisher pushes the games tendency to allow complex immersion whilst remaining a non-committal title, with the tactical depth of a traditional RTS game and the accessibility and controls of a simpler device. This allows the game to be experienced by those who have perhaps never delved into the genre, too.

Focusing predominantly on tactical movement and the careful positioning of units rather than more archaic ideas of base building or resource grinding, Battleplans is as on the ball as you could hope for a mobile creation to be. The real-time element just further exacerbates the versatility of this game, and adds another aspect of tactics.



Split into two main phases of play, Battleplans works between offensive onslaughts and battles, and defensive planning against the attacks of enemies. Whether you’re finetuning your strategic placement or g…

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Review: Pulse – A Beautiful One Trick Pony

Review: Pulse – A Beautiful One Trick Pony
Pulse is a first-person platformer and Pixel Pi Games' attempt at creating a new video game experience by having the player play as someone who is blind. Using what is essentially echolocation, Eva, the game's protagonist, is able to see her …
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Review: Pulse
Developer Pixel Pi Games' first-person platformer lands us in the role of Eva, a young girl who loses her sight at an early age, yet has learned to visualize the world around her through sound. While this, obviously, has its benefits, the World has …
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Koi – Journey of Purity is a beautiful adventure with a meaningful story [Sponsored]

Koi – Journey of Purity is a beautiful exploration adventure with a deep and meaningful story lurking under the surface.

You play as a group of koi who are trying to purify the lake they call their home by solving a number of puzzles and navigating the environment.

But there’s more to it than that – this is a story about taking care of the environment. An issue that developer Dotoyou feels strongly about.

Zhou Quan, Creative Director at Dotoyou, believes that this story, combined with the wide variety of puzzles and the beautiful visuals, really sets Koi – Journey of Purity apart from its App Store and Google Play competitors.

Quan: “The unique feature of the game is a complete special experience, with simple graphics, fresh music, and rich content to explore.

“It has a complete story, which is unfolded through progress of the game. The variety of puzzle designs puts you right in the game, and enables you to enjoy challenges and success.”

Koi – Journey of Purity is a minimal game with a surprising amount of depth but getting it to that stage was quite the challenge, according to Quan.

Quan: “The greatest challenge during development was how to simplify the game. We wrote a story and kept adding content.

“However, we later realized that too much content would distract players, or make them confused.

“Moreover, a long game would disrupt players’ emotional experi…

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