Update: Bridge Constructor Portal (Games)

Bridge Constructor Portal 1.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 4.99, Version: 1.0a -> 1.1 (iTunes)


Enter the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and experience Bridge Constructor Portal – the unique merging of the classic Portal™ and Bridge Constructor™ games.

As a new employee in the Aperture Science test lab, it’s your job to build bridges, ramps, slides, and other constructions in 60 test chambers and get the Bendies safely across the finish line in their vehicles.
Make use of the many Portal gadgets, like portals, propulsion gel, repulsion gel, aerial faith plates, cubes, and more to bypass the sentry turrets, acid pools and laser barriers, solve switch puzzles, and make it through the test chambers unscathed.

Let Ellen McLain, the original voice of GLaDOS, guide you through the tutorial, and learn all the tips and tricks that make a true Aperture Science employee.

The bridge is a lie!

– The merging of two worlds: the first Bridge Constructor™ with an official Portal™ license
– Create complex constructions in the Aperture Science labs
– Let GLaDOS accompany you through tricky physics adventures
– Use portals, aerial faith plates, propulsion gel, repulsion gel, and much more to master the complicated tasks
– Evade dangers such as sentry turrets, emancipation grills, laser fields, and acid
– Help your Bendies cross the finish line – on their own or in a convoy

What’s New

– Level fixes

Bridge Constructor Portal

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