Compete with other players in the deep card battler Outcast Odyssey

Outcast Odyssey is a deep and fun card battler that launched back in October on iOS and Android.

There are more than 300 cards to collect over the course of the game, all of which can be evolved and fused to increase their power. Figuring out the best combination of these cards is key to building a strong deck.

You’ll need to master a collection of special abilities if the ultimate deck is what you’re looking for. These help you out in a bind, and can be combined for greater effect.

Once you’re satisfied with your deck, you can test it out in PvP against enemy players. This is located in the arena, where you can also join a guild and make new friends to play with.


There’s also a lengthy single player campaign, with a whopping 40 islands to battle your way across. Each of these contains hidden treasure and unique enemies.

If you’re into dungeon crawlers, you’ll be excited to learn that Outcast Odyssey contains elements of those. There’s a challenging dungeon on every island which nets you plenty of rewards if you can beat the boss at the end.

You can earn even more rewards by completing achievements. These are spread throughout every aspect of the game and you’ll earn some cool badges for completing them.

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Blizzard’s collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft arrives on iPad

Blizzard’s take on the collectible card genre, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, has just been released on App Store for iPad.

Hearthstone mines Blizzard’s popular World of Warcraft series as inspiration for its wolrd and characters. The depth of the franchise’s lore ensures hundreds of different cards from which to build your deck, each with their own rules and art.

The various card combinations offer a vast array of tactical options for CCG fans, while anyone who has played WoW will have a convenient shorthand for many of the individual card’s rules.

Battles can be fought against other players, or against computer-controlled heroes from the WoW universe. Winning matches will unlock new cards, letting you build your deck and develop new tactics to aid in future victories.

If you are already playing Hearthstone on PC, then you will be happy to hear that the new iPad version will sync with your account. This will allow you to transfer deck back and forth between your iPad and PC, letting you continue your game on the go.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is available for free now for iPad on the App Store. It’s pretty good, so we suggest you take a look.

[App Store link]

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Augmented Reality Card Game Yu Gi Oh

Augmented Reality Game demonstration: Augmented reality card game based on the popular series YuGiOh This project was done as part of my University degree at AUT in New Zealand. The program I used is Unity Pro with an AR plugin. I do know about PS3’s Eye of Judgement. I did this project to please the fans screaming out for a Yu-Gi-Oh version. Feel free to email me at with your queries and fan letters.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Unboxing video of Samsung S5603 Preston / Halley bought from Singtel at S8 (US) on 2 years contract. Looks a little like the HTC touch, but the built is very plastic. However, it is lighter, smaller (about 20%) and only slightly thicker than Ipod Touch and as seen in video. Sound / Music quality is pretty good. Camera is 3.2mp but image quality is so-so. Web surfing was fast and touchscreen has force-feedback. Typing was quite responsive. Phone also has auto-rotate landscape function, profiles, TouchWiz + built in widgets like Weather, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, MySpace etc. New Gesture feature which allows you to swipe a letter eg “C” when phone is unlocked, to unlock AND auto redirect to a preset function like SMS menu. Saves you having to press a few keys. Overall, 8/10 for a touchscreen / social media enabled / HSDPA phone at only S8!

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Wireless charging card

Wireless charging card on the SGSIII Box ? answer very soon !! WICC™ WIRELESS CHARGING CARD There’s a new way to add wireless power to your device. A way that connects your device to the biggest network of wireless power in the globe, ensuring your device interoperates with wireless charging surfaces found in vehicles, arenas, airports, eateries, offices and more. Building on the success of Powermat’s first-generation wireless charging systems, Duracell Powermat and Powermat Technologies are introducing a game changer in wireless power. By piggybacking on the real estate already allocated for NFC or the air gap above the battery, OEMs can give customers a truly wireless experience without needing to embed new technology into the phone The Wireless Charging Card (WiCC) is an IEEE Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard, with the potential to integrate Duracell Powermat technology within every mobile gadget. Each WiCC includes all the PowerMat circuitry found in the company’s charging cases, while also doubling as an NFC antenna. The card’s success is of course contingent on cooperation from device manufacturers, who will need to add a slim connector above the battery leads, including two for power, two for NFC and two for data. (Duracell Powermat WiCC) Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories: wireless charger Cargeur sans fils pour Android phone.(samsung galaxy S3…..) WICC™ WIRELESS CHARGING CARD There’s a new way to add wireless power to your device. A way that connects your
Video Rating: 4 / 5

New Firwmare version and new function for first BADA phone, Samsung Wave S8500. Video full HD from