Face your foes head on in Carmageddon: Crashers, available on iOS and Android

It’ll be time to turn up the heat and burn major rubber for all long-time Carmageddon fans out there, as the destructive racer squeals its way onto iOS and Android from today. A respectful reinvention of the controversial car franchise, Carmageddon: Crashers aims to be the antidote to dreary drag strip racing games of times past.

Featuring a suite of classic Carmageddon cars to collect and race around in, Crashers tasks players to work their way up the top of the Crashers league, defeating all enemies in your way. This is drag racing with a difference however, with cars starting from opposite ends of the drag strip in order to race as opposed to simply edging each other out over the finishing line. But will your car do the wrecking or becoming a wreck itself?

A bunch of seriously unhinged Mini Bosses and Zone Bosses plague your path on the road to victory, so it pays to buy new cars and upgrade them. Fill up a garage full of metal mangling machines in time and you’ll be ready to take on sponsors and boost your winnings. Just be sure not to get yourself in a tailspin.

A whole host of power ups help provide a competitive edge, un…

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