Price Drop: Castles of Mad King Ludwig (Games)

Castles of Mad King Ludwig 1.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 6.99 -> $ .99, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


"Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a great port of a really cool castle building board game." TouchArcade

"A diverting tile-laying game. Excellent series of puzzles and tough AI." PocketGamer

Ted Alspach’s castle-building board game comes alive on iOS! The winner of the prestigious 2015 Mensa Mind Games award tasks players with building extravagant castles for King Ludwig of Bavaria. Castles are constructed one room at a time, with a different player each round setting the prices for the others, resulting in a competitive, engaging game where building is as much fun as winning!

Choose your strategy carefully as you compete against your friends or AI (computer) opponents. Or take on the Campaign, and travel to 15 real-life castle sites, each with up to 3 unique Crown Goals, providing hours of fun and challenge.

• Two to Four Player Pass-and-Play/Computer Matches
• Campaign Mode with Levels based on Real Castle Sites
• Training Tower Levels teach Game Basics
• Help System with Illustrated Rules, Tips, and Tile Reference
• 75 Different Room Tiles
• Game Center Achievements
• Orchestral Soundtrack
• Share Your Castle on Twitter, Facebook, and more

* For best user experience, an iPhone 6/6s or larger or iPad is recommended. The original iPad and iPhone 4s and earlier are not supported. *

What’s New

• Two New Hidden "Bonus" Campaign Levels: Waldeck and Sauerburg
• Resolved issue with disappearing Corridors on restored levels
• Resolved issue with Pass button being shown when switching back from viewing another player’s castle
• Other bug fixes and enhancements

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