Creature Quest is getting in the festive spirit with some Easter themed events

Shortly after releasing a brand-new update earlier in the week, VC Mobile has yet another treat in store for fans of its critter collectathon Creature Quest, with a set of festive events for the spring season.

Kicking things off with Poached Eggs – a new Easter themed quest which will run until April 25th – you’ll be able to hop to the aid of the Spring Bunny, who is desperately searching for the dastardly creature that’s been breaking his eggs. As you begin your journey to find the culprit you’ll also have the chance to catch new rare creatures like the Epic class Goliath Beetle, and the Rare Contenderoo.

Adding some extra creature summoning goodness into the mix is the Easter Summon Event “Bunny Buddies”, where every Diamond Summon will have the chance of being a coveted Bunny Box. These precious items will hold one of six new fabled creatures, including the Legendary Sandworm – which is making its very first appearance – as well as the Chimera or Young Gold Dragon. The event kicks off today and runs until April 16th so make sure to act fast!

There’s also one more treat in store with a new check-in event, Spring Fling. Players will now have the…

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Game of Dice has been updated with a ton of new events


Game of Dice has been updated with a bunch of new content that breathes new life into the veteran mobile board game.

For a start, there’s a new Mysterious Mansion map that actually shakes up the mechanics. The ‘Jail’ and ‘Crimson Aura’ tiles create a Toll Increase and ‘Fortune Road’ has been moved to a new location.

You can also now buff yourself up before a game by equipping yourself with one of over 20 different ‘Goods’ in the brand new menu dedicated to this system, and trade unwanted Dice Fragments in the ‘Powder Shop’ for items you genuinely need.

There’s also the sensational return of ‘Winning Streak’, a popular temporary event that rewards you for consecutive wins, as a permanent mode.

To celebrate this exciting new update, a ton of new events have also been released. ‘Get’em Goods’ rewards you with 500 Gems for making five star Goods, ‘Spooky Wooky New Map!’ Provides daily rewards for playing in the new Mysterious Mansion map, and ‘Tulip Festival’ lets you exchange tulip bouquets for Gems.


For the uninitiated, Game of Dice is a mobile board game inspired by M

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