Join Blob for exciting new adventure in Give It Up! 3

Yoozoo Games and Invictus Gaming are at it again, as Blob makes his triumphant return in Give It Up! 3. The third in the beloved Give it Up! series, Blob’s third adventure is full of exciting action and colorful worlds, as well as unique new customization options.

Give It Up! 3 makes some daring new changes with improved 3D graphics spanning five new worlds ripe for exploration. You’ll guide Blob through jungles and even a car chassis, each environment offering up their own challenges. The game doesn’t stop with the main campaign, however. Be sure to dive into Give It Up 3’s new PVP modes. You can take on seven other players in League mode or duke it out with another solo competitor in Arena mode.

Blob’s latest adventure introduces an array of customization features, too, to help you truly make the game your own. You’re free to create the Blob you’ve always wanted, selecting from different styles and props, including crazy weapons that vary from baseball bats to Wolverine claws. Yoozoo is also adding 12 new skins to Give It Up! 3 based on the Chinese Zodiac.

You won’t want to miss out on this exciting new adventure. Give It Up! 3 is out now on both iOS and …

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Naval Storm TD is an exciting new naval tower defence game

Naval Storm TD is here to breathe new life into the tower defence genre. It’s the first of its kind — a tower defence title that features naval combat. If you’re ready for high stakes battles on the high seas, Naval Storm TD will fit the bill nicely.

Set on an island in the midst of a fierce war, your main goal is to protect your territory from the armies looming in the distance. You’ll need to build an arsenal of powerful weapons, including mines, machine guns, and torpedoes, while also bolstering your defences to ensure you win the day.


Naval Storm TD allows you to manage every detail of your defenses with its innovative free construction tool. You’ll be able to place platforms and turrets where you see fit, giving you the chance to let your carefully planned strategies play out the way you’ve always imagined. Bountiful upgrade options ensure that you can build weapons and defenses that suit your tactical vision perfectly.

Battles themselves play out in gorgeous 3D across 32 intense levels. You’ll be travelling through freezing Antarctic islands, immense canyons, flooded mountains, and much more while fighting through satisfying tactical battles.

Naval Storm TD is free-to-play right now on …

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Creature Quest’s biggest update yet adds exciting new features

Big things are arriving in Creature Quest this month. A brand new Kingdoms feature, updated dungeons, and much more make September the largest update the game’s seen yet. Here’s all of the good, good content you can expect to see in the game. If you’ve never tried this addictive fantasy RPG, now’s the perfect opportunity.

The biggest, most exciting new feature is Kingdoms. This new gameplay feature puts player in charge of their own kingdom. Players can select from dozens of buildings available for purchase, allowing them to build their own little empire according to their vision. Depending on the structure, you might even be able to earn stat boosts for your creatures. Those will definitely come in handy when making your way through Creature Quest’s various game modes.

Dungeons have gotten a huge makeover, too. Gold and Silver Tier players can now fill out multiple dungeons. The more dungeons you fill completely, the better defense bonuses you’ll be granted. Players facing off against folks with multiple dungeons will assigned one at random.

You’ll be better equipped to face these new, challenging dungeons, though, with the addition of Combo Dot Fusion. Finally, players will be able to fuse creatures together to create stronger versions with higher dot counts. It’…

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