The AppSpy end of year awards: The 3 best games for iPhone and iPad of February 2017

Today we’re up to February in our round up of the best games that landed on iOS this year. February was a pretty good month, if you’re into shooting, thinking, and murdering teenagers. And quite frankly who isn’t into all of those things?

Come back tomorrow to find out the best games that came out in March. And if you weren’t around yesterday, there’s a link below that’s going to take you to the best games of January. You’re welcome.

Click here to read the best games of January 2017

February 2017


A gorgeous looking shooter that plays around with the bones of the genre and comes up with something pretty special. It’s set in a dying computer system, and you’re in there to try and sort everything out. Trust us though, it’s far more difficult than just a quick defrag.

Slayaway Camp

A game that’s all about murdering people. But, you know, in a fun, kitschy sort of a way. Each level is like a scene from an 80’s horror movie. You’re playing the killer, and you need to figure out how to butcher the kids and cops…

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The best games on sale on iPad and iPhone right now – February 15th

It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week, and that means it’s time for us to have a long hard look at five of the best games that are on sale on the App Store right now.

And for the first time in a while it’s actually been pretty tough to pick which ones to add to the list. Basically everything here is a gem, and there are other gems on sale as well.

But I’m a discerning gem-picker with an eye for quality, so these are the ones I’ve gone for. Click on the emboldened name of the game and you’ll be whisked away to the App Store where you can buy the game. You’re welcome.

Motorsport Manager – Free

Where the likes of New Star Soccer kick around whimsy with their sport managing, this one’s a little more po-faced. And if anything, it’s better for it.

Take control of a racing team and lead them to glory. Or if you’re anything like me, lead them to the back of the grid and bankruptcy.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here.

Infinity Blade 2 – Free

A classic. It might not quite have the focus of the original, but it’s not as bloated as the third game in th…

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The 5 best iPad and iPhone games this week – 12th February

It’s Sunday. And that can only mean one thing. We’re all horribly sad that the weekend has come to such a horrible yet inevitable conclusion. But there’s still time for one more thing.

And it’s this one thing – a list of the five best games that came out last week. In no particular order, rather presented in the order that they came to me while I was sat on my sofa wondering what went wrong with my life.

Join us next week for more exciting content about the world of mobile games. And probably a bunch of other stuff as well. Maybe sandwiches? I really like sandwiches.


A text-based adventure with its own unique style. It might get a little bit repetitive towards the end, but there’s also a lot going on to recommend it.

There’s a great bit of writing here, and the game manages to mix its RPG tropes together into a compelling adventure that pushes you deeper into its galactic core.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here.

Maze Lord

A game about trawling thro…

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The best games on sale on iPhone and iPad right now – February 8th

Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta write a list of the best games on sale on the App Store on Wednesday. Everybody’s looking forward to reading and consuming the list, then acting on its suggestions.

That was a pretty catchy song, I think you’ll agree. And it also managed to spell out exactly what I’m up to in this here list. All that stuff I said up there. Wicked.

If you like the look of any of the games, then you can click on their emboldened names to be taken to the App Store, where you can download them to your heart’s content. Probably just once, but that’s more than none, right?

Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business – 99p / 99c

A tongue-in-cheek point and click adventure with a decidedly British thread of humour running through it. It looks lovely, and it plays just fine.

You play the titular investigator who’s trying to track down a serial killer before they strike again. Cue jokes and shenanigans in an alternate Victorian London.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here.

Rush Rally 2 – 99p / 99c

Probably one of the best rallying games on the App…

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The 5 best iPad and iPhone games this week – 4th February

It’s the weekend! Happy weekend everyone. I hope you’re out and about expressing yourself in however you see fit. And if you’re not, I hope you’ve got a good game to keep you company.

You don’t? Well that’s awful. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you out with things like that. How about I go right ahead and write a list about the five best iOS games that hit the App Store this week?

Sounds good? Ace. Well, here’s the list then. And I hope you find something on it that’s to your liking. Or if not, that you have a lovely old time reading it.

Pixel Craft

A mix of modern and old fashioned arcade sensibilities come together to make this shooter surprisingly addictive.

Chase high scores, blow up bosses, and upgrade your blocky little spaceship. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’ll keep your fingers busy for a good few hours before you get bored.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here.

Warlock’s Tower

A super retro puzzle game that looks like it was lifted directly from the screen of a Gameboy. And you play as a mailman, which is pretty cool.

Work your way up the titular tower, sticking within the tight move limit and avoiding all the awful tr…

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The best games on sale on iPad and iPhone right now – February 1st

It’s Wednesday. At least, I think it’s Wednesday. I’ve sort of lost track of time. I’m going to say it’s Wednesday, and you can all just agree with me because I’m super cool and get to write all the words.

Anyway, with it probably being Wednesday it’s time for us to round up the five best games that are on sale on the App Store right now.

It’s not what you might call a vintage week for games being on sale, but there are a few here that you should definitely consider picking up if you haven’t already splashed some of your cash on them.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

While a new version of the game might have graced the App Store recently, that doesn’t mean you should overlook this excellent survival RPG.

Wander around a randomly generated wasteland making things, starting fires, and trying to stay alive for as long as you possibly can.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here.

Little Luca

A smart and cute as a button physics puzzler that sees you trying to find all the stars after they fell out of the sky.

Gorgeous to look at, easy to play, and bubbling with interesting ideas. There might be a few niggles here and there but it’s definitely worth a…

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Super Smash Bros. inspired brawler Fright Fight hits iOS on February 12th

Seemingly drawing inspiration Super Smash Bros, RPGs, and western horror, Appsolute Games has created Fright Fight, a new fighting game set to hit the App Store on February 12th.

Pitting two or four players against each other in either solo or team based matches, Fright Fight is all about fast-paced multiplayer mayhem.

You’ll have four iconic horror characters to choose between: a yeti, a werewolf, the Grim Reaper, and a vampire. Each of these creepy combatants will have their own combos and moves, giving them their own unique fighting style. RPG elements will also allow you to upgrade each brawler to better suit you own pugilistic preferences.

The trailer (above) shows Fright Fight‘s monster-based brawling in its full glory. We can see few frame rate that could potentially upset the flow of the action,  but we’ll wait till get our claws on it before passing judgement.

Fright Fight is already available for free on the New Zealand App Store, and will burst on App Stores globally on February 12th. The free download will get you an arena to fight in, and a couple of characters with which to do battle. Additional content can be acquired via IAPs.

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Bug Heroes 2 will come buzzing on to the App Store on February 20th

Back in 2011, Foursaken Media released a little game called Bug Heroes that we quite enjoyed. Now, they are back with the sequel, Bug Heroes 2, which will hit the App Store on February 20th.

The upcoming Bug Heroes 2 is set against the backdrop of a regular family home. When the residents of the house go out each day, their creepy-crawly roommates go to war.

Offering a cast of 25 different insect infantry, the game lets you to choose a two-man squad to take into combat. Picking from units such as cockroach knights, waterbug pirates, and ant engineers, you must balance their strengths and weakness in combat to securing victory.

Bug Heroes 2 will also offer co-op and competitive play, seemingly in an effort to generate a multiplayer battle arena vibe.

As the above video shows, the chunky art style of the oversized invertebrates looks particularly good against the blow-up domestic backgrounds.

Bug Heroes 2‘s new third-person camera is also a nice change from the series’ previous overhead perspective.

We don’t know how much Bug Heroes 2 will cost when it lands on the App Store next month, but we’ll be sure to keep our eye on the hill till a price is revealed.

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