Price Drop: Strike Force Heroes: Extraction (Games)

Strike Force Heroes: Extraction 1.1.2

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Games
Price: $ 1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1.2 (iTunes)


Strike Force Heroes: Extraction won’t be compatible with future versions of iOS. We will be removing the game from the store in the coming months.

A rogue military organisation is planning an attack, and it’s up to you and your team of skilled agents to stop them!

Based on the hit online series with over 100 MILLION PLAYS, Strike Force Heroes: Extraction is a fresh and unique approach to the runner genre, offering 30 stages of intense level-based action in Campaign Mode, with two additional unlockable endless modes.

Stopping the enemy won’t be a walk in the park. They know you’re onto them, and armed soldiers will align each level ready to take you out!

Strike Force Heroes: Extraction comes filled with intense enemy shootouts, epic helicopter chases and a unique ‘cover’ mechanic; allowing players to shield themselves from fierce enemy onslaught — and to pick off the enemy one by one!

● Extract enemy intel as you infiltrate their headquarters!
● Run, jump and shoot your way through 30 intense stages in Campaign Mode.
● Unique ‘cover’ mechanic, allowing you to duck behind objects and pick off the enemy one-by-one
● The enemy will come well prepared, forcing you to engage in EPIC FIREFIGHTS!
● INTENSE HELICOPTER CHASES that will leave you on the edge of your seat
● 20 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS, each with unique flaws and unlockable perks
● 33 Weapons. 3 Game Modes. Tons of upgrades and unlockables.

Also available in HD:
iPad users, be sure to check out the HD version of the game by searching for "Strike Force Heroes: Extraction HD" on the App Store.

The fate of the world is in your hands. Infiltrate the enemy and extract details on their plans before it’s too late!

What’s New

– Additional bug fixes

Strike Force Heroes: Extraction Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Star Wars: Force Arena guide – Part four – Menu hints and tips

In this fourth part of the series about Star Wars: Force Arena we’re going to have a look at some of the menu mechanics that you’re going to need to make use of if you’re going to succeed in the game.

We’ll break things up with some images as well, so you can see what we’re talking about. We’re good like that. No, no don’t mention it. It’s fine, we’re here to help.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll have a look at some more advanced tactics for when you’re actually on the battlefield, but right now let’s focus on the menus you’re going to spend a lot of time looking at.


This is where you’ll unlock the cards you win when you play. You’ll need to actively open them once you’ve been given them, and they’ve got a countdown on them that can last for quite a long time.

It’s worth starting an unlock when you’re coming to the end of a play session so that you’ll have the new cards ready the next time you come to play.

This screen also has a number of other reward packs you can unlock at certain times, so it’s always worth coming back and checking if there’s anything new there for you.


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Star Wars: Force Arena guide – Part five – Battle hints and tips

In the last part of our series on Star Wars: Force Arena we’re going to look at some hints and tips for the meat of the game – the battles.

If you’ve not checked out the other parts of our guide, well now is as good a time as any to do it. But if you’re only interested in getting some help winning fights, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

So with a little bit more ado, here’s how to make sure you’re always kicking ass and taking names in this excellent Star Wars-themed MOBA. Don’t all thank us at once, y’hear?


It’s tempting to splurge out a unit and charge out onto the field of battle. You might make a bit of progress, but it’s much smarter to take a few seconds to let your energy reserves build up.

That means you’re going to have more units when you stride out, making you a much more formidable challenge.

Sit and split

If you’ve got units that are in groups of more than two, there’s a sneaky way to use them to attack both sides of the map. Stand where your hero spawns and call out the units.

Half will go up one track, half will go up the other track. It’s a good way to keep your enemy guessing about where to send their own forces.

Think about your hero

Your hero is the most mobile of the units at your disposal, which means they&rs…

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Star Wars: Force Arena guide – Part three – Light side or Dark side?

In this section of our Force Arena guide, we’re going to look at a question that pops up quite often – is it best to play as the Light Side or the Dark Side of the Force?

The answer is one that might just surprise you, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First make sure you’ve read the first two parts of our guide to ensure that you’re up to date with everything you need to know up to this point.

I’m gonna presume at this point that you’ve read those, and now I’m going to jump in with the shocking truth – it kinda doesn’t matter which side you choose. In fact, picking one is going to hinder you.

Which side are you on?

There are pros and cons of playing both sides in the game, but the important thing to remember is that the XP you earn from each of your decks goes to your profile, not just to your hero characters.

You earn XP by levelling up your cards, which means when you open card packs with cards for decks you’re not using, it’s worth upgrading them so that your level is constantly on the rise.

The one thing you need to do is make sure you have multiple different styles of deck on the go, regardless of the side of the Force they’re aligned to. That way if you’re taking a beating with one deck you can swap out and try another.

The units are all pretty similar on each side, but sometimes you’ll get more pow…

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The Thursday Find – Star Wars: Force Arena

This week’s Thursday Find is actually a pretty big name. And when I say pretty big I mean absolutely massive. Seriously, it’s huge. It’s so big I’m not going to type it in this paragraph, I’m going to type it in the next one.

Star Wars: Force Arena has just come out. It’s a MOBA, it’s full of Star Wars characters, and we reckon that it’s definitely worth your time.

Don’t believe me? Well, I don’t really care. But I’m still going to write a bunch of words to prove to you that you’re very, very wrong. These words, in fact.

Star Wars: Force Arena

What would happen if Clash Royale walked into a fight between a Jedi and a Sith while a bunch of Stormtroopers and Rebel fighters cheered them on? Well, I reckon it’d be something like Star Wars: Force Arena.

It’s a mobile MOBA starring all of your favourite Star Wars characters. Seriously, I’ve already got Luke, Leia, Han, Grand Moff Tarkin, and the bad guy from Rogue One. Oh, and someone called the Grand Inquisitor. No idea.

They’re joined by an army of units. There are loads of different Stormtroopers, Wookiees with massive knives, tanks, and all manner of other Star Wars-y people to throw at your foe.

Battles are short and sweet, and while it doesn’t quite have the pick-up-and-playability of Clash Royale, it’s certainly more welcoming than the likes of Vainglory. You control everything with taps, whi…

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New: Sky Force Reloaded (Games)

Sky Force Reloaded 1.00

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.00 (iTunes)


The last shoot’em up you will ever play!

There are many scrolling shooters but none of them is like "Sky Force". This stunning shoot ‘em up game combines the classic arcade elements with the new possibilities offered by current technology. The new installment in the series just came out in a spectacular style.

"Sky Force 2014" was a huge success, acclaimed by gamers and critics. "Reloaded" gives players more of what they loved in the previous "Sky Force". Get ready for your device getting hot and your finger getting sore. Prepare yourself for exciting new missions, more powerful enemies and breathtaking boss battles!

"Sky Force Reloaded" offers georgeous 3D graphics, intense gameplay and a lot of new features. The options to boost up your planes are incredible. Yes, that’s right, PLANES! There’s a satisfying number of planes to choose from. Each with different strengths and weaknesses. Cater to your inner collector by hunting in-game buff cards and unlocking a number of achievements.


* Beautiful and atmospheric levels with diverse missions to complete.
* Memorable battles with enormous bosses.
* A set of buff cards and new planes to collect.
* Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles, lasers, mega-bombs and magnets.
* Put your mission at risk to rescue stranded civilians.
* Boost your final score by completing in-game objectives on several difficulty modes.
* Rescue fallen friends to win extra lives and stars.
* Accessible to casual gamers, as well as die-hard shooter addicts.
* Full voiceover and incredible electronic soundtrack.

WARNING! "Sky Force Reloaded" is ridiculously addictive. Not typically addictive… This game will make your sweethearts upset with you. Fear not… Just show them "Sky Force Reloaded" so they’ll get sucked up too! Good hunting!

What’s New

First public release. Enjoy! :)

Sky Force Reloaded Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Sky Force 2014 Review (5/5)

The original Sky Force came out on mobile devices in 2004. It was a great looking mobile game for its day, and fantastic shooter to boot. Now, a decade later, Sky Force 2014 is looking to do the same again with the benefit of modern tech.

Sky Force 2014 retains the tight shmup combat and  vertically scrolling levels of the original. As before, you must attack approaching targets, while trying to avoid the halestorm of bullets the game throws at you.

A responsive one-to-one control system has your craft hovering just above whichever finger you are using to steer the ship. This allows you to clearly see the action in front of your ship, giving you a better chance of spotting and avoiding oncoming fire.

Stages are punctuated by behemoth like bosses. These all look stunning in the game’s 3D engine, with the grubby combat damage really popping from the screen . From huge planes to battleships, these fights unfold in stages, requiring you to destroy every one of the titan’s multiple weapons to win.

To ensure you fully master each level there is a medal system. These medals are earned by finishing a stage while defeating a percentage of foes, taking no damage, and rescuing all of your allies from the field. The added difficulty this provides is not just for bragging rights, either, with later stages quickly becoming blocked off if you haven’t earned enough silverware to progress.

Powering-up your weapons is a…

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New: Sky Force 2014 (Games)

Sky Force 2014 1.00

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.00 (iTunes)


The mobile blaster legend is back to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in super-destructive style. Harnessing the intensity of classic arcade shoot-’em-ups combined with the hottest smartphone technology, Sky Force 2014 offers a stunning scrolling shooter experience with an incredible new social gameplay element.

Ten years ago, IGN said, “Put simply, Sky Force is amazing.” Scoring an incredible 9.5 out of 10, Sky Force took the early mobile gaming scene by force.

And now it’s back. Bigger, bolder and more intense than ever.

This 10th anniversary edition adds incredible depth to the series through stunning 3D graphics, intuitive touchscreen controls and a powerful upgrade system that’ll keep you blasting for hours on end.

Weekly tournaments take place on unique new levels as you battle it out against legions of other Sky Force 2014 players, offering great rewards not only for winning, but for rescuing other pilots who’ve already been taken down!

The hottest shooter is no push over, but the invigorating gameplay and vast library of
achievements will keep both casual players and hardcore gamers hooked as you upgrade your ship and take it a little deeper into the incredible battlefield time after time.


* Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete.
* Multiple extreme boss battles.
* Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles, lasers, mega-bombs and magnets.
* Risk everything to rescue civilians.
* Brand new weekly tournaments against other players.
* Boost your final score with a host of in-game achievements.
* Rescue fallen opponents to win extra lives and stars.
* Accessible to beginners, as well as hardcore shooter addicts.
* Full voiceover and incredible electronic soundtrack.

Get ready for the fight of your life in Sky Force 2014.

What’s New

* Online weekly tournaments, compete with your friends!
* New level, new boss, even more fun.
* Additional song and new voice-over.
* Game Center achievements.
* Numerous improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you for playing Sky Force 2014. If you like our game, please rate it every time an update comes out. You are the best!

Sky Force 2014 Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Eye on the App Store: Rival Knights, Sky Force 2014, and more on Twitch! (5pm UK | 9am Pacific | 12 noon Eastern)

It’s the middle of the week – you know what that means. No, not a general feeling of ennui and exhaustion! It means it’s time for our weekly installment of Eye on the App Store over on our Twitch channel.

As per usual, we’ll be looking at the latest releases of the week. Some out at midnight tonight, some already out, and one that’s returning to the App Store. A veritable mix on all accounts! Today our headliner are Rival Knights, Sky Force 2014, 99 Bricks Wizard Academy, and Scuba Diving Adventures, but there may be one or two more up our sleeves.

Please come along to discuss all the games out this week, throw a question or two at us, and generally have a nice wee chat over on Twitch.

Come check out the whole show live on our Twitch channel from 5pm BST / 9am PDT. Remember to follow us on Twitch for a reminder of when we’re going live every weekday!

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