Fincon has released a gameplay trailer for Angel Stone in anticipation of the upcoming beta

Fincon, the developer behind popular RPG Hello Hero, has released a gameplay trailer of its highly anticipated hack and slasher, Angel Stone.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Angel Stone sees you fighting alongside the Resistance, humanity’s last line of defence against the all-conquering Legion.

You’ll pick a class out of the melee-focused berserker, shooty gunslinger, or spellcasting shadow mage and work your way through the single player plot in mission mode.

There’s also a couple of multiplayer modes. If you like to play with friends you can do so in the co-op boss raids though there is real-time PVP if you want to fight against them instead.

You’ll collect Angel Stones as you play which unlock new abilities for your chosen character class. Angel Stones are talismans of angels which have died in battle.

Pre-register now at for a chance to play the game in the early access beta.

Angel Stone is all set for a summer 2015 release on iOS and Android.

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See the first gameplay footage of upcoming RTS The Ember Conflict

Substantial Games has just released the first footage of The Ember Conflict. The real-time multiplayer strategy game is currently in development by the studio, and is set to be released on iPad this Autumn.

The Ember Conflict will focus on the multiplayer side of the RTS genre, with players battling it out in one-on-one or two-on-two matches. Each player will take control of a small squad of characters which they must guide around the tight, single screen arenas.

As the video below shows, you perform a series of taps and sweeps to move units. This use of the touchscreen will be familiar to anyone who has played Autumn Dynasty or Autumn Dynasty Warlords, both of which used the system to great effect in their single player campaigns. We are interested to see how this control scheme will translate to a competitive multiplayer experience, however.

Reassuringly, the game certainly seems to offer the same level of strategy as its PC brethren. There are a range of distinct races to choose from, each with their own abilities. Arenas will also offer a host of strategic options based on their environment and layout.

The Ember Conflict will be coming to iPad this Autumn, expect more news soon.

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Boxthebag demo gameplay trailer video

Boxing!!!!!!!, The reinvention of boxing on the ipad!!!, In its newest avatar Welcome to the world of shadow boxing!! For all those boxers, fighters, fitness fanatics and users Tech BLA presents the perfect fitness and work out app No more buttons on the screen to make the game boring but to use the best controls which we have ie our hands For the first time –box without tapping on the screen –punch the bag as hard as you can, the faster you hit the the further the bag swings –check your poses in the tv as you box –improve your accuracy Once you get the hang of it try out the challenge mode where your skills as a shadow boxer are tested in 10 challenging rounds Coming soon –More than 3 kinds of gameplay styles –advanced face recognition feature –Advanced AI –Many new levels This video was uploaded through

Mad Skills BMX iOS Beta Gameplay Demo

Beta testers Simon Makker and Glen Forbes have an epic race in a pre-release version of Turborilla’s upcoming iOS game Mad Skills BMX. Coming the the App Store soon!

Stay tuned to next Tuesday’s episode where I’ll demo the OnLive Service. Check this console out at Download TSIG app here – iTunes Podcast – iTunes HD Podcast – Become a Fan on Facebook – Add me to your Google+ Circles – Follow me on Twitter – Follow me on Ping – Follow me on DailyBooth – Follow me on Instagram – SnazzyQ Friend me on Game Center – Snazzy Follow me on Rdio – Friend me on Xbox Live – Quinn One (friends list is full) Intro Music by Christian Atlas at
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Block Breaker 3 Unlimited iPhone/iPod Gameplay

iTunes: (.99) (.99)iPad Subscribe and stay up-to-date with the best games released for iPhone! Support TGT by downloading The Game Trail app, it is available for free on the App Store or you can follow the iTunes link – Download the new Free Games Daily app! – and get your daily dose of the best free games! Follow TGT on facebook & twitter for news, giveaways and more fun stuff! *****Block Breaker 3 Unlimited***** “Block Breaker 3 Unlimited boasts more features than every other Breakout clone on the market put together.” – Pocket Gamer Grab power-ups, trigger switches and blast through gateways to reach new areas as you push your way towards the top. • Innovative new scrolling level design adds depth to all 100 of the game’s stages. • Tons of new power-ups including the ability to deal with multiple balls… and pads! • Climatic boss battles at the end of each of the 7 locations. • Spend in-game cash to upgrade your pad at the shop and buy new bonuses and powers. • Experience 8 different game modes including Endless mode and Block Master. • Enjoy never-ending fun thanks to the level generator!.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team – PSP – Gameplay

The new Dragon Ball Z Tag Team is taking DBZ fighting action games to the next level on PSP. Check this Gameplay video for a sneak peak of some of the new features, including full freedom movements, impressive new graphics and for the very first time, tag team fighting, which every DBZ fan has always wished for! Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team on PSP™ is now available at your local stores! The demo is ready to download here : Join the Dragon Ball Community on the game’s official: – Facebook page: – Website: Check out your local Namco Bandai website for more information on our other titles
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E3 2012 Trailers – Shootmania World Premiere Gameplay ‘E3 2012’ [HD]

Shootmania World Premiere Gameplay ‘E3 2012’ [HD] Video is about: Shootmania World shootmania world Trailer Walkthrough lets play lp playthrough help guide pt subtitles game games mission official HD 720p 1080p PS3 XBOX360 PC PlayStation Online Multiplayer chapter secret Versus VS Campaign No Commentary opening intro ending final boss English review preview youtube video battle graphics part sony microsoft 11 ipad iphone leak reveal revealed glitch first 10min 3DS wiiu Vita PSP debut “Assassin’s Creed III” Machinima CommunityGame GameAtHeart “e3 2012” “e3 demo” ‘E3 2012 Demo Walkthrough’