Everything about Everwing: Part 3 – Power-ups, special enemies, and gems

In this part of our Everwing guide, we’re going to take a look at the power-ups, gems, and special enemies that you can use to improve your scores. You’ll need to know what does what and when if you’re going to succeed.

But don’t you fret, we’ve put hours into the game to ensure that we’ve got a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about.

There’s plenty more Everwing content coming up on the site as well, so if you’re stuck or you need some help, make sure you check back regularly to keep on getting the best scores you possibly can.

The power-ups

There are three different power-ups in the game, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. And when you combine them together you’ll watch your score rocketing up like nobody’s business.

Magnet – The magnet will help you collect gems, coins, and power-ups more easily. You’ll still have to move to grab everything, but this will make it much easier.

Four leaf clover – This doubles the power of your shots for a set amount of time. Coupled with the magnet you’re likely to just see a rain of coins falling into your pocket.

Magic orb – This sends you shooting up the screen, smashing waves as you go. Weave around to score even more points.

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Wrath of Gems sees Genera Games update their Star Trek title

If you’ve been known to frequent the classic title in the past, you’ll know that players were able to battle in the guise of weekly tournaments alone. However, with Genera Games’ recent version, Wrath of Gems, players can now get stuck in to its most exciting new feature: Alliances.

With this, players can work to curate the strongest, most resilient teams with which to destroy their opposition. This social, strategy-based layer offers a whole new take on the game, allowing players to test their skills by expanding their team based on fleet and crew.



For players who have been defeated in the past and would like a rematch on their losses, the game now includes a revenge feature, whereby you can opt to replay your battle and hopefully, this time, come out on top. Players can also track down the ranking of another alliance and thus, challenge them to battle.

The original features of the title allow players to interact with their favourite characters from both The Original Series and The Next Generation. By evolving both fleets and crew, players must strive to collect special packs and starships to succeed.

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/star-trek- wrath-of- gems/id95951561

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