New: Rogue Hacker (Games)

Rogue Hacker 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 2.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


You’ve gone Rogue and the world is overrun by four hacker factions. Your decisions and hacking skills will keep the balance of power between them all

***Powerful Decisions***

Every decision matters. Your choices control which factions remain in power, who will go to war, create alliances, or remain at peace. You may have gone Rogue, but all the factions rely on you to get things done.

Choose your own path as your decisions affect how the dynamic story unfolds. The branching stories constantly change depending on your decisions and who remains in power. But beware; every decision might have implications in the future that may dangerously shift the balance of power. It’s game over if a faction gains absolute control or loses all their power.

***Fast-Action Hacking***

Hack into rival factions’ computer systems with your ever expanding loadout of hacking powers. Hack into the deepest systems with simple one tap controls, while unleashing devastating powers with the push of a button.

– Branching story depending on your decisions
– Fast-Action Hacking
– One tap controls
– Upgradeable hacking powers

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