Latest MU Origin update empowers pets with evolutionary skills

As the autumnal conkers are dropping from the trees, publisher Webzen is dropping yet another update to its groundbreaking MMORPG MU Origin. This time, there’s a battle royale, temple blessings and pet perks to play with.

First to mention is the addition of a pet skill system. This is available if you’ve completed the Faith War quest, and applicable to all pets level thirty and above. You can unlock and upgrade skill slots, with a maximum of four for a fully levelled pet. The skills themselves are useful defensive, passive and offensive effects that come in three grades – Magic, Rare and Epic. They can also be upgraded using Elemental Stones, so you can now supe up your pets to the nth degree.

The aforementioned battle royale is also something to smile about if you’re in the top one hundred players. The best fighters across all servers can join the Ragnarok tournament once a month between the 10th and the 16th, 3.30pm to 4.30pm server time for a battle to the death. The winner nabs the MU Origin No.1 title for their players, but all participants are compensated with Ragnarok points for competing. These points can be spent in the Ragnarok shop, so it’s worth taking part if only for the extra gear you can buy.

The final major addition is the Guild Temple. If you’re part of a guild, you can spend resources on upgrading your dedicated temple and receive stat bonuses. This along with…

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Discover new ways to vanquish your enemies in MU Origin’s latest update

Just when you thought that it’d be safe to return to the land of MU, developers Webzen are once again rewriting the rulebook as its latest update makes its way to the highly popular fantasy MMORPG.

Starting with a bang and shaking things up in a big way is the suite of new game systems which substantially influence how budding adventurers interact with the world of MU Origin. Leading the pack is what’s known as the Soul Stone system, which for the first time allows players to apply elemental changes to their character. Wanna stay chill or get gone with the wind? You decide!

But what good’s a buffed-up character if there are no modes to use them in? Fear not, as two new major events prepare to change the MU Origin landscape. Battle Core is an all new all-server event that lets players duke it out in a race to achieve 1,000 points the fastest. Free for any to enter daily between 12:30-13:30, 16:30-17:30, and 22:00-23:00, Battle Core victors will enjoy a wealth of EXP, fame points, and other achievements.

A second colossal shake-up comes in the form of a new PVP system, patriotically titled Battlefield of Heroes. In it, a whopping 200 players in two teams of 50 can enjoy an all-out melee whilst completing various challenges for extra rewards. These c…

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Fight your way to the top in Dynasty Blades’ latest update

Dynasty Blades is a fantastical reimagining of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In this action packed MMORPG, players hack and slash their way through hordes of enemies in search of victory. There’s a slew of customizable heroes to choose from, rare treasures to collect, and some impressive weapon combos to master.

Now, Dynasty Blades is getting a sizeable new update that introduces new characters, in-game events, and more. Perhaps the biggest announcement is the addition of Zhang He, the newest hero. He’s one of the Five Generals of Wei, and is a ranged spellcaster that specializes in fire.

Accompanying the new hero is a new mount system that allows players to ride into battle with horses, tigers, jaguars, and other critters. They look intimidating, but they also give useful boosts to your character attributes in battle.

All of that excitement is capped by two new weekly events. The Treasure Plunder event establishes an in-game lottery — players pay for a number in the hopes of winning the big prize. The Drop & Exchange event boosts the odds of finding rare items after clearing a stage.

Developer EZFun is also making some welcome system fixes. Players can now buy…

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BFB Champions Looks set to go from strength to strength on the back of its latest update

Receiving its first update after its initial launch earlier this month, Cybird is re-vamping its latest release – BFB Champions, adding loads of cool new features and even launching an exciting new footie themed competition.

After testing fairly new waters with its UK release, Cybird is breathing a new lease of life into the newest game by jamming the latest version full of great new features.

One of the biggest new features is a very useful tutorial to give you a better understanding of the game, as well as the addition of exciting new match scenes –showing off the footballing skills from popular Japanese comic Captain Tsubasa (which rather surprisingly inspired major European footballers such as Fernando Torres and Mezut Ozil to take up football).

But if you’re thinking that the fun ends with the update – then think again. Uniting with both football fanatic Youtubers and a host of footie influencers, Cybird is also launching a thrilling new competition designed to test your skills off the app and on the pitch.

And with plans for future updates including major new functions like the proposed mentor system, the more accomplished gamers will get to benefit from coaching the less skilled – and the addition of club unions or “guilds”, will let you and your mates play against rival clubs to earn rewards.

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PSY stars in Game of Dice’s latest update


Game of Dice has been updated with a sizeable update based around the South Korean singer-songwriter PSY.

The artist himself features as a brand new character in this update. ‘Daddy PSY’ reflects the costume worn in the music video for his latest hit, ‘Daddy’, and specialises in Mini Battles and Toll Increases. You can get him as an IAP until January 22nd.

Daddy PSY is also fully-voiced by the artist himself in both English and Korean, and you can check out the making of video below to see him recording the lines in action.

Also included is the PSY Dice which is available for free. All you have to do is login on launch day to get PSY Dice fragments.

Alternatively, you can get PSY Dice fragments by participating in the events Joycity is hosting to celebrate PSY’s collaboration. The first of these has you trying to win 7 matches during a limited amount of time.

Finally, there’s a new club-themed map which rewards you with event crafting items like Sunglasses, Bowties, and Microphones.

To celebrate this exciting new update, Joycity is giving away 2500 gems worth of in-game prizes.

If you’re yet to check out Game of Dice, it’s a mobile game played on a multi-tiled board in which you chuck dice and take all properties you la…

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Cook up some tasty seafood in Cooking Fever’s latest update

Cooking Fever, the time management and restaurant simulator, has just been updated with a brand new restaurant – the House of Crab.

It’s an underwater restaurant which specialises in seafood like King Crab, tuna steak, and the Boston Cream Pie. In total, there are more dishes served here than in any other restaurant – particularly when you take into account sides like asparagus, lettuce, and sauces.

That results in a seriously challenging restaurant which will put all of your time management skills to the test. The four different drinks available only adds to this challenge.

Cooking Fever has had a very decent 2015, after achieving over 60 million downloads since launching in August last year.

If you’re yet to check it out, Cooking Fever is a restaurant and time management simulator in which you prepare and cook a selection of tasty meals and serve them to waiting customers.

All profits are then used to purchase restaurant upgrades and decorations, as well as completely new restaurants – and there are plenty of them, each with different themes, to choose from.

That selection of restaurants is set to grow as well, with a brand new one arriving early next year which is themed on a popular brand. That’s all we can tell you right now, unfortunately!

Cooking Fever is out right now in the App Store [download

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