Solve visual programming puzzles when While True: Learn() comes to iOS and Android in 2018

Mobile is no stranger to programming-based puzzlers, from Zachtronics’ early SpaceChem to the charming Human Resource Machine. But outside of TIS-100, most are abstractions of the concept; While True: Learn() promises an interesting approach, focused on placing you in the chair of a machine learning specialist, when the game launches on mobile this year.

Acting with intent as a puzzle game and an educational tool, While True: Learn() presents you with problems themed around managing data and code for various tasks, and then gives you a toolbox of components to solve these logistical puzzles. It seems simple in execution – no actual coding, just dragging and connecting decision trees and garabage bin folders and speed modifiers – but tricky in finding solutions, as more data and more complex outcomes are introduced.

While True: Learn() plans to cover the history of programming, progressing from before the 1970s till modern times, with different tools and tasks based on the time period. Solve puzzles, and you’ll earn money, letting you remain a freelancer or expand into your own start-up.

While True: Learn() is slated to release on iOS and Android “later in 2018”; a PC pre-alpha demo is currently available through the While True website

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What Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can learn from The Order of the Phoenix game

The big news in mobile gaming last week revolved around everyone’s favourite boy wizard. That’s because Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was announced. It’s an AR game built by Niantic. So that’s the creators of Pokemon GO taking on one of the most beloved popular cultural phenomena of our time.

Now, while other websites might be writing articles speculating about what the game might look like, and taking guesses at when the game is actually going to come out, I thought I’d do something a little different. After all this is App Spy, and we love to do things a little different around here.

So I’m going to take a look at the Harry Potter game that Wizards Unite should copy. It is, in my humble opinion, the second best console game ever made, and if Niantic learn from its lessons then it’s going to create something really, really special. But what is it I hear you scream? Well it’s…

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yeah, that’s right, the tie-in game for the fifth Harry Potter film is the second best video game ever made. You probably think I’m a crazy person now. You probably think I’ve been injecting drugs directly into my eyeballs in an attempt to see through time or something. Well, you’re wrong. I am being deadly serious.

But why is it so good? And why am I banging on about it like it’s the second coming of of the video gaming jesus? Well strap in, and I’ll break it do…

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Learn Pixel Art in Digital Art School

Learn Pixel Art in Digital Art School
If you ever wanted to learn to make pixel art, it's your lucky week. Retronator Pixel Art Academy, a program that will teach you how, has already received 35 times the amount of money its founder, Matej “Retro” Jan, hoped to raise via Kickstarter …
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Fallout 4 settlements: the biggest and best
… sleep per night, and neglecting relationships in order to get the build done. It's a build that not only includes a fabulous high-rise observation platform filled with things to do, but also a wall to keep the filth out, and a giant pixel-art …
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World's First 50 Mega Pixel Camera Launched
Canon's Country Manager, Mr. Sarshar Ali, expressed, “We are taking the art of photography to the next level with the launch of our outstanding cameras. These cameras have been superbly manufactured to give matchless performance and are capable of …
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Learn how to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with AppSpy – Part 19

As we roll into episode 19 of our ongoing series playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS, James and I find ourselves once again in good company. The AppSpy community is here to help us beat the flipping flip out of any creatures stood in our way, and we’re more than happy to reap the rewards.

There’s a particularly cool bit of armour on display in this episode, as well as a ridiculously awesome conch shell weapon, plus the usual end-of-the-week chat, so get stuck in.

It’s okay if you’ve missed a couple of episodes, as you can catch up via our playlist.

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Learn how to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with AppSpy – Part 16

If I was going to give these episodes subtitles, then I would call this entry in our Let’s Play archive “Turning Point”.

Myself, that James, and that Danny team up for a stupendous hour of creature killing: tearing through each challenge as if it were naught.

Plus a load of our regular stream Spies joined us on the hunts too.

Best episode ever? Possibly.

Want to see the previous 15 hours of our time with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite? Of course you do.

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Learn how to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with AppSpy – Part 12

It was a week of failure.

Harry’s Internet was playing silly billys, and though James and I could play online in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, we totally smashed our heads against the walls of the following missions: Supreme Ruler of the Swamp and The King of the Mountains.

On the bright side of things though, we did start up our Multiplayer Meeting Post, so that’s something.

Want to see us not fail? Try one of these episodes.

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Learn how to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with AppSpy – Part 11

James, Harry, and I are back for another episode of our Let’s Play of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS.

Here they take on The Shadow in the Mountains, The Mountain Roughrider, and Attack of the Giant Bugs.

There’s also plenty of talk about the Dreamcast, because obviously, and Harry is really bitter about it, because obviously.

Missed an episode and need to catch up? Here’s what came before.

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Learn how to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with AppSpy – Part 9

After the mysterious disappearance of Part 8 of our playthrough of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on iOS, the trio of James, Harry, and myself are back and raring to go.

Harry’s made himself a hat made of wasps, I’ve got some spiky shoulder pads, and James… James is still rocking the first jumper you get.

After we berate him mercilessly, we all set off into the wilds to fight Hermitaurs, Giaprey, and even a Velocidrome.

Want to watch the entire series? Check out our playlist on YouTube.

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Learn how to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with AppSpy – Part 7

While the cat’s away the… something… something…

Basically James was away for this episode so Harry and I run amok.

A couple of members of the AppSpy / Pocket Gamer community join us in our ongoing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite quest, and show us their awesome armour sets while they lead us to easy victory after easy victory.

Plus there’s a lot of talk about pants.

I think James might get mad when he gets around to watching the video below.

Did you forget to watch the last episode? Rectify that.

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Learn how to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with AppSpy – Part 2

In the first episode we ran into serious trouble with pink apes.

In this episode it’s a gigantic boar that becomes a thorn in our sides. It’s always something, isn’t it?

We’re better prepared this time though, and we’ve brought with us not just hot drinks, but cold ones too. Harry also made us wear clothes (which is only fair, I guess), and this has greatly increased our resilience to the monstrous nasties that inhabit the sprawling world of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

So grab a hot or cold drink of your own, get comfortable, and click play on the video below, to continue learning how to play Capcom’s beastie-basher for iOS.

Miss the last episode? Check it out here.

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