BFB Champions Looks set to go from strength to strength on the back of its latest update

Receiving its first update after its initial launch earlier this month, Cybird is re-vamping its latest release – BFB Champions, adding loads of cool new features and even launching an exciting new footie themed competition.

After testing fairly new waters with its UK release, Cybird is breathing a new lease of life into the newest game by jamming the latest version full of great new features.

One of the biggest new features is a very useful tutorial to give you a better understanding of the game, as well as the addition of exciting new match scenes –showing off the footballing skills from popular Japanese comic Captain Tsubasa (which rather surprisingly inspired major European footballers such as Fernando Torres and Mezut Ozil to take up football).

But if you’re thinking that the fun ends with the update – then think again. Uniting with both football fanatic Youtubers and a host of footie influencers, Cybird is also launching a thrilling new competition designed to test your skills off the app and on the pitch.

And with plans for future updates including major new functions like the proposed mentor system, the more accomplished gamers will get to benefit from coaching the less skilled – and the addition of club unions or “guilds”, will let you and your mates play against rival clubs to earn rewards.

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Chain Breaker is an auto-runner / platformer / puzzler hybrid, and this is what it looks like

Chain Breaker is from indie developer Lemonauts.

It’s a game all about running through levels, and cutting chains and smashing platforms to create safe paths through said levels. While you’re doing that you’ll collect coins and even transform into a flaming flying ball of death too.


Fancy giving the launch video a peek? Sure you do!

The game’s out now for iPhone and iPad, it’s 99c / 69p, you can find it on the link below.

[App Store link]

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Parcel Panic 2 looks to ramp up the thrills

We reviewed the original Parcel Panic back in early 2010, and while it was great to see a game following the spirit of Crazy Taxi, it just did not deliver the engaging speedy gameplay it should have. All these years later Mad Processor have created a sequel, and at least according to the trailer, it looks to be more of a high octane parcel delivery experience than its predecessor.

Now the game is free, and you would have noticed the large amount of coins littering the game world in the trailer. We hope that the flow of coin collection and whatever upgrades or aesthetic changes available are well balanced to not intrude on what might be a fast paced race around town. The game is available now in the App Store.

[App Store Link]

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The iPad cutting board. (No, it's not a cutting board that looks like an iPad.)

The iPad cutting board. (No, it's not a cutting board that looks like an iPad.)
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