The Thursday Find – Mallow Drops

Well would you look at that? It’s Thursday already. How on earth did that happen? Oh, because of the relentless progression of time, coupled with the capitalistic structure of work and rest imposed on our lives. Fun and games.

Speaking of fun and games, Thursday is when we tell you about a game that’s come out this week that you definitely should play. And this week is no difference.

This time around we’ve found you a clever and engaging puzzler with a lovely art style and some really neat ideas. But what is it? Why it’s…

Mallow Drops – £2.99 / $ 2.99

Mallow Drops is a game about controlling the scenery to collect eggs. You can either tilt or tap, whichever you prefer, to twist the levels.

As they twist, your podgy little character will move around. Essentially each level is a puzzle that you need to solve. Grab all the eggs, move on to the next challenge.

Things start off reasonably simple, but soon the game is throwing new ideas at you quicker than you can say “I’ll be honest, I don’t think that’s how gravity works.”

Bits of the scenery start to move around as you try and create a path to the items you need. You’ll need to consider where your blobby friend is going to end up, as well as what’s going to change on the way.

And it’s all presented in gorgeous, thick pixels. There’s real charm here, from t…

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