The Monday Musing – The best WWE games for iPhone and iPad

In today’s Monday Musing I thought we’d have a look at the best WWE games you can download on mobile. Why did I think that? Because there was some important wrestling over the weekend and so everyone is searching for wrestling. SEO genius right here.

Anyway, the Undertaker might have retired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up one of these games and do some throws, grapples, or whatever else it is that you do when you’re wrestling. I honestly don’t know.

As ever, click on the emboldened names of the games to download them. Oh, and if you think I’ve missed out a wrestling gem, which is entirely possible, feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below.

WWE Immortals – Free

This game really shouldn’t be any good. It’s a fantasy brawler featuring your favourite WWE wrestlers as, like, weird versions of themselves. Honestly, it makes no sense whatsoever, but it’s a ridiculous amount of fun.

This is the game that Injustice should have been. Big and silly and with lots of punching. It’s not as good as Marvel Contest of Champions, but it’s not too far off. The very definition of a guilty pleasure.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here

WWE 2K – £7.99 /

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The Monday Musing – How retro is too retro?

Oh look, it’s Monday. When on earth did that happen? I don’t think I saw this one coming. Right, better think of a topic for the Monday music hadn’t I? Hmmmm. What to do, what to do, what to do?

Right, I’ve thought of something. How retro is too retro? One of the things that the App Store has perpetrated is an increase in games with one eye looking back to the perceived glory days of gaming.

But there have been games recently that have been trawling the back catalogues in ways that aren’t ever going to manage to spark the same sort of interest as they did when they first landed.

Old times

You see, the thing with old games is that quite a lot of them weren’t very good. They were tough, they weren’t very responsive, and quite frankly a lot of us only liked them because we didn’t know any better.

And when we go back, we find that there’s not really all that much to them. Because games iterate, because games change as the technology around them changes. And what we’re sometimes looking at is a sort of patchwork.

Games with a retro flair to them do need to get a few things right. And one of the main things they need to get right is realising that the past wasn’t really that great. And that the modern times are pretty damn good.

Especially when it comes to mobile gaming. Because mobile inputs are, quite frankly, nowhere near…

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The Monday Musing – The best Christmas gifts for the mobile gamer in your life

It’s Christmas. Well, it’s nearly Christmas. It sort of depends how you look at things. There’s definitely still time to get someone a Christmas present if that’s the sort of thing that you like doing with your time.

But what should you get the mobile gamer in your life? What gift could you possibly buy for someone who likes to spend all of their time with their nose buried in the likes of Clash of Clans?

Well, I don’t really know. But I’ve gone right ahead and put this list together anyway. There might be something on here that gamer would like. There might not be. Let’s get on with it and find out, yeah?

An iTunes gift card

You can’t really go wrong with this one. If the person’s got an iOS device and they like gaming, then getting them a gift card is basically an open goal.

You don’t have to choose anything specific for them, and they don’t have to awkwardly say thanks when you’ve got them something they don’t like.

A case

Nothing says personalisation like a case. And if there’s one thing that annoys a gamer it’s accidentally smashing their device to pieces before they’ve had a chance to complete a level.

So get a strong case that’ll make that expensive pocket computer unlikely to explode in a million extremely expensive pieces.

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