Decode pop culture quotes in cipher word puzzler Quote Codes, releasing next week on iOS

Word games often have you matching or unscrambling letters to reveal words within, but Quote Codes is a bit different; in this game coming to iOS next Thursday, your goal isn’t to create words but to decode them.

Drawing quotes and iconic lines from all spectrums of pop culture and media, you must use a given cipher to piece together the full phrase, using deduction to match vowels and other letters with their abstract symbols.

As you decode quotes from Stranger Things or Game of Thrones, you’ll be able to track progress, mistakes made, even use of special power-ups once you unlock them.

Word game fans will be able to find Quote Codes on App Store, where it’ll be available on the 18th.

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The next Pokemon GO update will help you pick the best Pokemon for battle

Niantic is readying its next big Pokemon GO update, and while there’s still no sign of a proper tracking feature, we can expect an interesting tool to help us pick our team for battle.

Version 0.35.0 for Android and 1.5.0 for iOS devices is in the process of rolling out, according to Niantic. The biggest new feature to be added will be ‘Pokémon Appraisal’.

According to Niantic, “Trainers will now be able to learn about a Pokémon’s attack and defense capabilities from their Team Leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark) to determine which of their Pokémon have the most potential for battle.”

It has to be said that this sounds like a useful feature. It’s tricky to get a handle on Pokemon GO‘s vague systems at the best of times, but deciphering how your Pokemon will perform in battle seems to be a dark art.

Pokemon GO

As it turns out, the CP figure is only part of the equation. There are also hidden values that determine your Pokemon’s attack, defence, and stamina abilities.

There are tools out there to help you figure out your Pokemon’s precise capabilities. For example, PoGoToolkit enables you to feed in the figures that are known about your Pokemon, and figure out how to maximise its combat potential.…

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Tinder, Disasterpeace, and epic binary choices – Why Reigns should be your next iOS game

What do infamous hook-up app Tinder, indie gaming great Fez, and classic choose-your-own-adventure games have in common? They’re all reference points that have been named in conjunction with an intriguing new iOS game called Reigns.

Developer Nerial has produced something special in Reigns – a genuinely fresh mobile adventure game that wouldn’t feel as good on any other format. Here’s why we think you should be playing it.

Tindering your assignation

At the heart of Reigns (download here) is a simple binary decisions system. As the young ruler of a medieval fantasy kingdom, you’re fed a succession of decisions, each one generally corresponding to a year of your reign, with two possible choices.

These can range between a simple yes/no on whether to deciding whether to adopt an offensive or defensive stance in a duel. This swipe-based card system has led to comparisons with hook-up app Tinder. As improbable as that might sound, it’s a sensible UI choice that gives Reigns an easy-going flow, placing all emphasis on the decision-making process it itself.

Regardless of the choice you make, it will have an effect on four core areas of your kingdom – the church, the people, the army, and your wealth. If any one element becomes too strong or too weak, it will mean the end of you…

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DomiNations is a highly detailed looking strategy game coming to iOS and Android next year

There’s a new trailer doing the rounds for the first title to come out of Big Huge Games and Nexon’s recent partnership – DomiNations.

I’m in two minds about it.

On the one hand there’s a danger that it could turn out to be just another strategy management game in the mould of Clash of Clans or Tiny Realms or Plunder Pirates. In which case that’s fine, but there’s not an awful lot to get excited about.

While on the other hand, the sheer scope and size of DomiNations’ planned gameplay is really quite impressive, suggesting an unprecedented level of detail, and countless upgrade paths. The game plonks you in control of a nation in the Stone Age, and it’s your job to take them into the Space Age and beyond. It all sounds a bit Civilization, which could be very neat indeed.

The game comes to iPhone, iPad and Android some time in 2015. Here’s that trailer I mentioned earlier.

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Apple iPhone 4S Could Be Next in Line of Apple Device Issues

Apple iPhone 4S Could Be Next in Line of Apple Device Issues
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