The Monday Musing – Which other Pokemon deserve their own spinoff game?

Well, Magikarp Jump is a game. It’s quite a good game as well, so long as you don’t mind playing games where you don’t actually really do all that much. But it has stirred a thought deep within the recesses of my brain, and I have decided to release that thought onto the world.

And I’m going to do it in the form of glorious, glorious content. This piece of content in fact. It’s a list I like to call, what other Pokemon deserve their own standalone games. It seemed like a good idea when it first came to me, so I’m running with it.

Agree? Disagree? Want me to write more posts that detail hypothetical games that fictional characters should become engaged in? Well let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, let’s get cracking.


If Pokemon GO is a game about walking around, the Snorlax spinoff could be an antidote to that. You earn points by not moving. You earn more for sleeping. You earn even more if you’re sleeping in a place that means people can’t get past you. I can see no problems with the implementation of this idea.


This one would be a dark point and click adventure about a Raichu comi…

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Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon GO’s eggstravaganza update for iPhone and Android

Easter is here, and that can only mean one thing. Pokemon GO has been updated! Actually it probably means a lot more than that, but that’s the thing I’m focusing on because I don’t know how much content I’d be able to get out of eggs and zombie Jesus.

So instead I’m going to write about the Pokemon GO eggstravaganza. So I guess I am writing about eggs. Look, it’s been a long day and I don’t know where my wallet is so let’s just try and get this over and done with then we can all go have a nice long weekend.

What is it?

The eggstravaganza is the latest update to Pokemon GO. It’s come out just in time for the Easter break, and it’s brought with it some new tweaks that are likely to make you smile while you stuff chocolate facsimiles of chicken periods into your face.

What tweaks?

Well, there’s now a wider range of Pokemon in the 2km eggs. So that’s a pretty good reason to put some shoes on and go for a wander. Plus every egg that you hatch is going to give you more candy. ‘Tis the season, after all.

The Pokemon that pop out are going to level up faster as well, thanks to the fact they get double XP. Basically Pokemon GO really wants you to start wandering around, collecting more Pokemon, and having a lovely old time in the sunshine.

Lucky Eggs are also on sale in the store. They’re 50% off, which is a pretty good deal, and using one of those will get you quadruple XP. Which sounds ridic…

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Pokemon Duel guide – Part Two – The battles

In this second part of our guide to Pokemon Duel, we’re going to take a closer look at how the battles work, and give you some tips about how you can up your chances of winning them.

They’re an important part of the game, but at the same time, they’re not. They’re going to happen, and you need to know what to do, but trying to avoid them is often a much smarter course of action.

In this article we’ll look at the different moves you can perform, as well as the cards you can play to try and give yourself an edge in battles.

The fights

When you’re fighting, you and your opponent both spin a wheel. You tap to stop it, and whichever section of the wheel it stops in is your attack.

Stronger Pokemon have better attack options. White attacks are the weakest, and will be defeated by blue attacks. Blue attacks in turn will be defeated by purple and gold attacks.

Attacks don’t always knock Pokemon into the healing pods if they’re successful. Sometimes they can stun a creature, or mess around with the wheel that they have to use the next time you fight.


It’s smart to figure out which of your Pokemon are going to have the best chance of winning in fights, and then use these as your enforcers. Sometimes your weaker monsters will get in scraps, and they migh…

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Everything you need to know about Pokemon Duel on iPhone, iPad, and Android

In a break to our regularly scheduled content, I figured I should probably write something about the new Pokemon game that’s just come out on the App Store.

Yeah, you read that right, there’s a new Pokemon game on the App Store. How could I write about anything else when I’m so excited about all of those Pokemon and the balls and all the rest of that stuff.

Anyway, here’s a break down of all the stuff you need to know about Pokemon Duel. So you can just jump straight in and start duelling some Pokemon. Classic.

What is it?

It’s not your standard Pokemon game, that’s for sure, and it’s not the sort of thing that’s likely to make as much noise as Pokemon GO. What it is is a strategy boardgame that sees you using your Poke-deck to beat a foe.

You collect different Pokemon and then use them to take control of a grid. There are little fights that involve spinning a wheel, and cards you can play that change some of the effects that your monsters have.

What’s the set up?

You’re working your way through a series of fights to prove you’re the best. I think the opening cinematic heavily suggests that if you’re victorious you’ll nab yourself a giant tower. Which is sort of cool.

Put in your own name, play a few practice bouts, and you’re good to go. But don’t be surprised if you get trounced to begin with.

There’s a surprising amount of depth here, in spite of the fact that thing…

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Games other than Pokemon GO politicians should be playing in parliament

The Norwegian Prime Minister has played Pokemon GO in parliament not once, not three times, but twice. Which is pretty cool. It must be nice to have a Prime Minister that plays games and isn’t instigating overtly fascist policies. Ho hum.

Anyway it got me thinking about which mobile games politicians could play when they’re supposed to be doing important but boring things like running the country. That’s not even that big of a logical leap, it just sort of made sense.

So here’s a list of the ones I thought of in the time I pointed my brain in the direction of that particular problem. It’s by no means a comprehensive list, because quite frankly that would be complete nonsense.

Clash Royale

Look, we all know that war is bad. There are songs about how bad war is, so that must mean that it’s true. But what if we could settle wars in a different way? What if instead of the useless slaughter of men, women, and children, we used a cutesy mobile game?

And obviously that cutesy mobile game is going to be Clash Royale. There’d probably need to be some talks beforehand about whether you could use the Hog Rider and which arena the war should take place in, but it sounds much better than accidentally blowing up hospitals with drone strikes doesn’t it?

Temple Run

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The next Pokemon GO update will help you pick the best Pokemon for battle

Niantic is readying its next big Pokemon GO update, and while there’s still no sign of a proper tracking feature, we can expect an interesting tool to help us pick our team for battle.

Version 0.35.0 for Android and 1.5.0 for iOS devices is in the process of rolling out, according to Niantic. The biggest new feature to be added will be ‘Pokémon Appraisal’.

According to Niantic, “Trainers will now be able to learn about a Pokémon’s attack and defense capabilities from their Team Leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark) to determine which of their Pokémon have the most potential for battle.”

It has to be said that this sounds like a useful feature. It’s tricky to get a handle on Pokemon GO‘s vague systems at the best of times, but deciphering how your Pokemon will perform in battle seems to be a dark art.

Pokemon GO

As it turns out, the CP figure is only part of the equation. There are also hidden values that determine your Pokemon’s attack, defence, and stamina abilities.

There are tools out there to help you figure out your Pokemon’s precise capabilities. For example, PoGoToolkit enables you to feed in the figures that are known about your Pokemon, and figure out how to maximise its combat potential.…

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Pokemon GO update – Fix the tracking already, Niantic!

Niantic has released another update for Pokemon GO, but it still doesn’t seem to have fixed the main problem with the free-to-play smash hit – tracking.

Pokemon GO has been a runaway hit, racking up $ 200 million for Niantic in just a month. Which is pretty good going when you consider it’s been broken from day one.

Now, we’re not the kind of people to rant and rave over the perceived flaws and missing features of a free-to-play mobile game – particularly when that game has brought us many hours of pleasure.

But the fact that a core component of Pokemon GO is fundamentally non-operational so long after the game’s release leaves us rubbing our heads like a Psyduck.

Pokemon GO shipped with a ‘nearby’ tracking feature that was supposed to tell you how close a Pokemon was according to a three-stage ‘footprint’ gauge. This never really seemed to work properly, but Niantic’s response was to pull it entirely rather than to fix it.

Pokemon GO

Now Niantic seems to have addressed the tracking issues in the latest update – version 1.3.0 on iOS (pictured above) and version 0.33.0 on Android. Here’s the full changelog for the update:

  • Added a dialog to remind Trainers that they should not p

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Where to watch Pokemon XY, the Pokemon movies, and more

With Pokemon GO seemingly taking over the world and Pokemon Sun and Moon set to do the same in November, it could be said that Pokemon‘s popularity is reaching a new peak(achu).

Of course, a large part of Pokemon‘s enduring appeal over the best part of two decades has been the long-running animated show based on its world.

The good news is, it’s never been easier – or cheaper – to watch these slickly produced, family-friendly cartoons. Here’s a run down of some of the key avenues for getting your Pokemon anime fix.

Pokemon TV app

First Movie

The first way to watch Pokemon is also the cheapest. It’s the Pokemon TV app for iOS, and it’s free to download. The app provides a rotating roster of shows taken from each of the many periods of the series, and there’s always one of the movies available too. It’s a great jumping on point.



There’s a fair chance you’re already paying for a Netflix subscription. If that’s so, you have access to a range of Pokemon content. Right now, in the U…

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6 Nintendo properties that would benefit from the Pokemon GO treatment

Pokemon GO is big. Really big. You know what happens when games get big, don’t you? The companies involved (and everyone else for that matter) try to repeat the formula.

In the wake of Pokemon GO, it seems obvious that AR gaming is going to be a big thing for the foreseeable future. If Nintendo’s looking for another hit IP to apply Niantic’s AR formula to (and we know it’s getting into mobile gaming), we can think of some great candidates.

And yes, we know that Pokemon GO isn’t actually a Nintendo effort as such. But it did kind of come about through an idea by late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, and the Kyoto company also holds a major stake in The Pokemon Company. What, you think it’s a coincidence that you’ve never seen a Pokemon game on a Sony or Microsoft console?

Imagine the augmented reality possibilities with these five Nintendo franchises.



Nintendo’s latest original IP turned out to be an unexpected success. Not because Splatoon isn’t great – it is – but because it launched on the flop Wii U console. Brought to a casual mobile audience, we reckon its vibrant and original paint-splattered world could do big numbers.

What’s more, Splatoon’s whole premise of territorial domination (through painting the floors and walls) between two distinct factions would wor…

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Finished with Pokemon GO? Here are 5 more top AR games

We doubt you are done with Pokemon GO just yet, but with reports of the first gamer to ‘catch ’em all’ filtering through, you might be before too long.

The good news for those bitten by the Pokemon bug (there are multiple types, you know) is that there are a whole bunch of traditional Pokemon games to get your teeth into, such as Pokemon X and Y on the Nintendo 3DS.

But what about if it was the whole mobile augmented reality (AR) edge that you loved about Pokemon GO? We have just the AR game alternatives for you.



Let’s start with the biggest and most obvious next step for Pokemon GO fans: Ingress. It was built by the team behind Pokemon GO, Niantic. Indeed, while Pokemon GO might look all cute and cuddly, it’s actually built on the solid foundations of Ingress. This time, though, there’s a rich science fiction story to follow, as you vie with rival factions for control of your city.

AR Defender 2

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