Solve visual programming puzzles when While True: Learn() comes to iOS and Android in 2018

Mobile is no stranger to programming-based puzzlers, from Zachtronics’ early SpaceChem to the charming Human Resource Machine. But outside of TIS-100, most are abstractions of the concept; While True: Learn() promises an interesting approach, focused on placing you in the chair of a machine learning specialist, when the game launches on mobile this year.

Acting with intent as a puzzle game and an educational tool, While True: Learn() presents you with problems themed around managing data and code for various tasks, and then gives you a toolbox of components to solve these logistical puzzles. It seems simple in execution – no actual coding, just dragging and connecting decision trees and garabage bin folders and speed modifiers – but tricky in finding solutions, as more data and more complex outcomes are introduced.

While True: Learn() plans to cover the history of programming, progressing from before the 1970s till modern times, with different tools and tasks based on the time period. Solve puzzles, and you’ll earn money, letting you remain a freelancer or expand into your own start-up.

While True: Learn() is slated to release on iOS and Android “later in 2018”; a PC pre-alpha demo is currently available through the While True website

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Complete puzzles inside a cartoon in AZZL out now on iOS

AZZL challenges you to complete a variety of different puzzles inside an animated image.

You won’t have completed puzzles like this before though. You’ll have to complete an animated image by tapping, swiping, moving, and rotating the individual pieces that are broken into individual shapes like squares, zigzags, waves, hexagons, triangles, circles, and more.

You’ll explore a unique map made up of a bunch of worlds full of hilarious characters and fun puzzles. If you complete all of them you’ll unlock a super awesome secret world that makes the other wacky worlds seem normal in comparison.

The world is beautiful and reminiscent of a Cartoon Network TV show – which is some praise.

There are loads of emotional and hilarious cartoon stories to complete, as well as loads of secrets to unearth on the way. AZZL is absolutely chock full of content.

And there are no pesky IAPs in sight – AZZL is a premium title offering a premium experience.

AZZL is out right now in the App Store [download].

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