Everything that’s new in Creature Quest’s anniversary update

Since launching last year, Creature Quest, the colourful RPG-come-trading card game, has been addicting players with its blend of creature collection and map exploration. All the while its developer VC Games has kept the improvements coming with regular updates. Here’s what players have to look forward to as part of its latest anniversary iteration.

Two new gameplay features add a hands-off element to make grinding less taxing. Auto-pickup collects the loot on exposed quest maps for you, whilst auto-battle does what it says on the tin – your creatures take control of the fight. Of course, if you prefer the manual approach, you can use these features sparingly or not at all. Up to you.

New players can benefit from a welcome bundle, a complimentary Legendary creature as well as seven days of log-in rewards. Existing players shouldn’t feel left out, though. Everybody will receive greater rewards from the Battle Tower, and the more creatures from your deck survive every battle, the more you’ll earn.

Three new creatures have also been added to the pile of over 500. There’s the Lightning Nymph, a Rare-level being that features as a Battle Tower reward. Then two new Legendary-level creatures – Cecaelia and Siege Construct.

Aside from the update, a whole host of events are due this year…

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Creature Quest’s biggest update yet adds exciting new features

Big things are arriving in Creature Quest this month. A brand new Kingdoms feature, updated dungeons, and much more make September the largest update the game’s seen yet. Here’s all of the good, good content you can expect to see in the game. If you’ve never tried this addictive fantasy RPG, now’s the perfect opportunity.

The biggest, most exciting new feature is Kingdoms. This new gameplay feature puts player in charge of their own kingdom. Players can select from dozens of buildings available for purchase, allowing them to build their own little empire according to their vision. Depending on the structure, you might even be able to earn stat boosts for your creatures. Those will definitely come in handy when making your way through Creature Quest’s various game modes.

Dungeons have gotten a huge makeover, too. Gold and Silver Tier players can now fill out multiple dungeons. The more dungeons you fill completely, the better defense bonuses you’ll be granted. Players facing off against folks with multiple dungeons will assigned one at random.

You’ll be better equipped to face these new, challenging dungeons, though, with the addition of Combo Dot Fusion. Finally, players will be able to fuse creatures together to create stronger versions with higher dot counts. It’…

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Price Drop: Puzzlewood Quests Premium (Games)

Puzzlewood Quests Premium 3.0.5

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 2.99 -> Free, Version: 3.0.5 (iTunes)


A role-playing, brain training game where you fight enemies by solving as many puzzles as you can before the enemy attacks!

"With the fun game play, great story line, and mind-bending puzzles, this app is definitely worth the download. 96/100" – App Happy

– All characters unlocked
– All games unlocked
– No ads
– No In-App Purchases
– Increased gold and xp from enemies

– 630+ enemies to pit your brainpower against
– 9 worlds
– New! **17** game types
– 70+ job titles to earn based on your mental progress
– 30+ magical items (health potions, cheese of time, armor, weapons, etc.)
– Customize your hero with 4 different skills to upgrade (Intellect, Strength, Defense, Luck)
– Multiple characters with unique storylines
– Kid Mode for ages 4-7 with simpler puzzles, and limited required reading (Jack and Adriel)

An epic puzzle adventure featuring games like:
– NEW! Color Match
– Missing Letter (Hangman)
– Mini Sudoku
– Word Scramble
– Word Search
– Word Math
– Math Star
– Math Operations
– Find the Enemy/Knight
– Finish the Jigsaw Puzzle
– Divisible Numbers
– Match the Shadow
– Maze
– Counting Dice
– Counting Coins
– Card Matching
– and more!

Do you have the brain of an emperor? Or a scullery maid?

What’s New

New game type – Color Match

Puzzlewood Quests Premium

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Everything about Everwing: Part 5 – Quests and advanced tips

In this final part of our Everwing series we’re going to take a look at some of the advanced tactics you can use to make even more cash as you play.

Namely we’re going to look at using quests, new characters, and extra dragons to fill up your coffers when you’re not even playing.

We’ll also give you some tricks for getting the most out of the time you’re playing the game, since we’re pretty sure that you’re going to be playing an awful lot after you’ve read all of this.


Quests are missions you can send characters on to earn you gold when you’re not even playing. They last for a set amount of time, and when they’re done you can claim the cash that your character has earned.

By the time you start unlocking new characters, your main character is going to be pretty strong, and you won’t want to send them off when you’re playing.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use them in quests though. There are two and four hour quests, so send them off when you’re going to bed and reap the rewards when you get back.

You can also use the gold you earn from playing on any character, so you can toughen up fairies that you’ve never even used so that they’re stronger when they go out to quest for…

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