War Robots VR: The Skirmish is the mech game you’ve always wanted

War Robots is making the jump from third to first-person in an all new single-player adventure for VR headsets. War Robots VR: The Skirmish, which has just been released today, lets you take control of your very own mech robot. Set in a beautifully imagined post-apocalyptic world, it’s your job to seek out your purpose.

Where War Robots specialized in multiplayer team battles, you’re going it alone in War Robots VR: The Skirmish. You’ll face off against enemy mechs in exciting gun battles that take full advantage of VR technology as you explore The Skirmish’s stunning cyberpunk setting.

Gameplay has been designed with mechs in mind, and combat looks to be urgent and exciting. It’s not easy to make lumbering robots look like graceful fighting machines, but The Skirmish has achieved this difficult feat. The controls look to be fluid and responsive, fully immersing you in the role of mech pilot.

It’s rare that we get the chance to sit in the cockpit of our very own mech, let alone in virtual reality. It will certainly be exciting to see where Pixonic takes the War Robots series as they continue their forays into VR.

War Robots VR: The Skirmish is free on …

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Hands-on with Grave Matters, the rusty puzzler in which you dig for dead robots

Philip K. Dick once asked if androids dream of electric sheep.

We cannot answer that question.

However, if new macabre puzzler Grave Matters has its facts straight, they do play Minesweeper with the rusted carcasses of their dead robot mates.

Intruiged? Then we suggest you hit play on the video above.

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Robots Love Ice Cream™ Review (3/5)

Any dimension where ice cream can be used to save humanity is okay by us. Robots Love Ice Cream inhabits just such a dimension. With robots trying to steal vital dessert supplies, you must cruise the galaxy in your weaponized ice-cream truck, blasting mechanical agressors out of the sky.

Each invading robot looks like it has been taken straight out of a toy box. Their distinct appearances make each one easily identifiable, even during hectic moments. This ensures that you can instantly recognise units, allowing you to prioritise ice cream nabbing robots over general cannon fodder.

The worlds you protect appear spin beneath you as you drive left and right. The waves of enemies descending from the top of the screen reminded is of classic shoot’em-ups like Galaga. However, Robots Love Ice Cream operates at a much slower pace, something that might limit its appeal for genre fans.

There are four weapons available, three of which must be unlocked. Armaments are suitably ice cream-themed, and different enough that your choice of weapons will dramatically affect your tactics. We found the Rapid Pop’s constant stream of low-powered aggression useful, but were also drawn to the Hot Fudge Fun Day’s deliciously sticky explosions.

Unfortunately, at their initial power levels, weapons are quite ineffectual against powerful foes. Upgrading weapons eases this problem, but also proves the root of the game’s biggest f…

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