12 stupefying shots from Super Stickman Golf 2 in honor of the upcoming sequel

Last month at GDC 2015, our friends at PocketGamer took a first look at the upcoming Super Stickman Golf 3, which is being developed by iOS stalwart Noodlecake Studios.

New features include updated 2.5D graphics, wind (it’ll be a breeze to handle!), and a fully-featured level editor that’ll even let you tweak gravity. That’s a weighty addition for sure.

To remind you of the strengths of the Stickman Golf series, here’s a taste of what the fantastic second installment has to offer. And remember, if you’ve hit a hole-in-one that’s second to none, post a link in the comments.

Pure golfing skill. And probably also many retries.

Which one is cooler, this or the previous?

Now the question: precise planning, or just dumb luck?

YES. That is all.

Glad he extricated himself from that sticky situation.

Good God, what fine aim he has!

Who needs power-ups anyway?

What goes up… must be a hole-in-one.

More like win-mill.

That satisfying boom will never get old.


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10 weird The Sandbox worlds to get you psyched for the sequel

At GDC 2015, our friends at sister site Pocket Gamer got a hands-on preview with The Sandbox 2, calling it “a more dashing version of the creative mega hit”. We’re excited to mess around with a whole new set of tools and abilities – the original game allowed for some deviously clever simulations.

To get ready for the sequel, here’s a look at some of the more unique levels from the first Sandbox that showcase its gameplay diversity. If you’ve encountered wackier drawings or more intense tunes, post ’em in the comments as usual.

But is it a tunnel or a pyramid? Whoa…

Try moving the window for a cool effect…

… and here’s part 2.

Its eyes… why are they so full of death?

“Help! That building’s being electrocuted!”

It shifts to the third dimension if you look hard enough.

Listen to this, and everyone you love will slowly be pixellated…

Nice octo-walrus, man.

The best part is th

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RTS sequel Autumn Dynasty: Warlords invades the App Store a day early

After nearly a three-month delay that has had us sharpening our swords in anticipation, we thought we were prepared for the scheduled appearance of Autumn Dynasty: Warlords on the App Store tomorrow. However, in an unexpected sneak attack, Touch Dimensions has decided to release the RTS sequel a day early.

Set in feudal China, the massive 4x (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) strategy game  puts you on the path of the Autumn Emperor. Destined to unite the country under a single banner, you will have to build cities, conduct espionage, and raise armies to ‘convince’ the other provinces that you should indeed be their ruler.

Featuring real-time battles, a non-linear campaign, and randomly generated maps, the handsomely-drawn follow-up to Autumn Dynasty has our attention. Check back for our hands-on video later today.

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords is available now for £4.99 / $ 6.99. If you are still uncertain however, you can grab the original Autumn Dynasty from the App Store for free for a limited time.

[App Store link]

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