Fire Emblem: Heroes guide – Part Three – Levelling up, skills, and rewards

In this third part of our Fire Emblem: Heroes guide we’re going to have a look at some of the menus you’re going to be using while you play the game.

Specifically we’re going to focus on the ones you’re going to be using to upgrade your characters. Mainly because the game isn’t very good at explaining what they do and why you need to be using them.

We’ll also throw in a few hints and tips about collecting your rewards, and how you can get more currencies to help you out.

Levelling up

A lot of the crystals you get can be used to power up your heroes to make them tougher. This is important, as you’ll want to keep ahead of the levelling curve to make sure that you’re not taking a beating in your fights.

To level up you choose a hero, then decide what level you want to push them to. The game will show you the highest level you can afford, but you can tap the arrows to drop it down, saving you some crystals to spend on your other characters.

It’s a good idea to keep more than four characters at a similar level, mainly so you can tweak the balance of your team if you’re coming up against an army that’s got a lot of characters that are strong against your main team.


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