The Monday Musing – It’s too hot, here are some hot games

It’s too hot. Honestly, my brain isn’t working. I live in a greenhouse. All I can think about is how hot it is. The answer to that is it is very hot. Hot hot hot. There is heat everywhere and I am incapable of escaping it.

This may well be why I’ve gone ahead and written a piece of content about the best hot games on the App Store. Sure, it might not make much sense, but if you expected anything I did in this heat to make sense then you just don’t know me at all.

Click on the emboldened names of the games below to download them. And if you can think of other hot games, then put them in the hot comments so we can have a hot debate. It really is very hot.

Fire Emblem Heroes

It’s got fire in its name. Fire is the hottest thing in the world. Apart from my flat. My flat is hotter than fire. This is a smart casual RPG with a lick of lovely Nintendo polish. Although the polish is probably melting in the heat.

Read the Pocket Gamer review here

Galaxy on Fire: Manticore

It probably is hot enough right now that the entire galaxy could set on fire. It would not surprise me. That would make the title of this deep space shooter strangely prescie…

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Creature Quest is getting in the festive spirit with some Easter themed events

Shortly after releasing a brand-new update earlier in the week, VC Mobile has yet another treat in store for fans of its critter collectathon Creature Quest, with a set of festive events for the spring season.

Kicking things off with Poached Eggs – a new Easter themed quest which will run until April 25th – you’ll be able to hop to the aid of the Spring Bunny, who is desperately searching for the dastardly creature that’s been breaking his eggs. As you begin your journey to find the culprit you’ll also have the chance to catch new rare creatures like the Epic class Goliath Beetle, and the Rare Contenderoo.

Adding some extra creature summoning goodness into the mix is the Easter Summon Event “Bunny Buddies”, where every Diamond Summon will have the chance of being a coveted Bunny Box. These precious items will hold one of six new fabled creatures, including the Legendary Sandworm – which is making its very first appearance – as well as the Chimera or Young Gold Dragon. The event kicks off today and runs until April 16th so make sure to act fast!

There’s also one more treat in store with a new check-in event, Spring Fling. Players will now have the…

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Cook up some tasty seafood in Cooking Fever’s latest update

Cooking Fever, the time management and restaurant simulator, has just been updated with a brand new restaurant – the House of Crab.

It’s an underwater restaurant which specialises in seafood like King Crab, tuna steak, and the Boston Cream Pie. In total, there are more dishes served here than in any other restaurant – particularly when you take into account sides like asparagus, lettuce, and sauces.

That results in a seriously challenging restaurant which will put all of your time management skills to the test. The four different drinks available only adds to this challenge.

Cooking Fever has had a very decent 2015, after achieving over 60 million downloads since launching in August last year.

If you’re yet to check it out, Cooking Fever is a restaurant and time management simulator in which you prepare and cook a selection of tasty meals and serve them to waiting customers.

All profits are then used to purchase restaurant upgrades and decorations, as well as completely new restaurants – and there are plenty of them, each with different themes, to choose from.

That selection of restaurants is set to grow as well, with a brand new one arriving early next year which is themed on a popular brand. That’s all we can tell you right now, unfortunately!

Cooking Fever is out right now in the App Store [download

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Is voice acting always the best option, or are some games better without it?

Is voice acting always the best option, or are some games better without it?
Moreover, it's important to recall that even those retro games that went without VO only did so due to lack of opportunity, rather than by artistic choice. Had their hardware only allowed it, we'd probably have seen a pint-sized Troy Baker appearing in …
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The Gift of Travel: Eight great trips to give the travel fan in your life
Free to visit at the National Football Museum (yes, such a thing exists), check it out to see how retro games compare to the modern giants, motion-capture suits worn by Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero in the latest FIFA 16 adverts, and a 'headers' game …
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Hit puzzle game Fez gets beautiful physical release 3 years later
In case you've never heard of the video game Fez, it was a retro-style indie-developed puzzler that went on to become a smash hit among both critics and fans. First released on the Xbox 360 in April 2012, it went on make the migration to other …
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On the Penguins: Some two-bit thoughts

On the Penguins: Some two-bit thoughts
Man-games lost, a frequent topic of conversation in recent seasons, might be the Penguins' most ignored stat through the first six weeks of 2015-16. They had only 34 during the first six weeks, and 10 of those belonged to forward Bryan Rust, who began …
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Brussels on high alert as police hunt Paris attack fugitive
Police set up a barricade during an operation in the center of Brussels on Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015. Western leaders stepped up the rhetoric against the Islamic State group on Sunday as residents of the Belgian capital awoke to largely empty streets and …

Hands-on with Crazy Taxi: City Rush, in which I ask you if you’re ready to make some crazy money

Well, are you?

If you are, then I have good news: Crazy Taxi: City Rush is really rather fun (if a little stingy with the energy system).

I went hands-on with the game to bring you this early look, based on the soft-launched version, just before the game launches on 31st July 2014, take a look.

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Some Important Tips To Proceed With Successful IPad Game Development

Gaming experience on iPad is good because it is compatible with many ways. iPad is an excellent game system and better than Apple’s iPhone because of its size.

iPad is an innovative device and has many features that support the game development for iPad . Its large screen and multi-touch seems a good building for . Its virtual keyboard and an accelerometer to add more dimensions to play. You can download games for iPad from iTunes store. There is a large increase in demand for developers in the market for iPad. You should keep certain things in your mind If you want to become an iPad game developer. First clear the game development ideas with clients, do research through the concept of play.

To de a successful you should have infrastructure facilities such as a desktop or laptop with Intel-based processor running Mac OS Leopard. constant supply of light and the Internet. You need to download Apple’s SDK or Software Development Kit to developers. This is the first need to download it. You must learn some languages to develop a successful game of iPad development. There are three basic language to develop iPad games including Objective C, Cocoa and OpenGL. You must learn language and gain mastery in it. To be an official iPad game developer you must register with the Apple developer program, which will cost $ 99 once.


When it comes to developing iPad games you must follow some important tips:

: Yes, simplicity is the golden rule here. You should keep your game simple as possible, so that the user can play with ease. Put stress on the gameplay and not the high-end graphics.

: Draw outline of his history of the game on paper, put together all the components viz. History, images and animation sequences. Give others to see and get their views into account before starting code part.

: Testing is often an important step to rule out any error in an application. Use the functions with the SDK to test the functionality and code. Make sure everything is working according to their plan before submitting it to the Apple store.

: Once you make your request live on the iTunes store to ask for user feedback to correct any errors you went by releasing periodic updates of its application. Keep in touch with your audience and react to feedback.

This way you will be able to make a successful .

David Aldrich is an expert iPad applications developer. It is one of the Professional developer of iPad games in the world and has a creative design team specifically focused on iPad Game development. Feel free to Inquire him and he will contact you at your convenience.