Naval Storm TD is an exciting new naval tower defence game

Naval Storm TD is here to breathe new life into the tower defence genre. It’s the first of its kind — a tower defence title that features naval combat. If you’re ready for high stakes battles on the high seas, Naval Storm TD will fit the bill nicely.

Set on an island in the midst of a fierce war, your main goal is to protect your territory from the armies looming in the distance. You’ll need to build an arsenal of powerful weapons, including mines, machine guns, and torpedoes, while also bolstering your defences to ensure you win the day.


Naval Storm TD allows you to manage every detail of your defenses with its innovative free construction tool. You’ll be able to place platforms and turrets where you see fit, giving you the chance to let your carefully planned strategies play out the way you’ve always imagined. Bountiful upgrade options ensure that you can build weapons and defenses that suit your tactical vision perfectly.

Battles themselves play out in gorgeous 3D across 32 intense levels. You’ll be travelling through freezing Antarctic islands, immense canyons, flooded mountains, and much more while fighting through satisfying tactical battles.

Naval Storm TD is free-to-play right now on …

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New: MadOut Ice Storm (Games)

MadOut Ice Storm 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 2.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


MadOut is a combat race. Destroy opponents, improve your car and weapons. Feel the dynamics of the chase and fighting battles. Enjoy good physics cars. You can choose between 15 cars, more than 80 unique tracks and several kind of weather condition.

We support the most powerful tablets and phones with Metal! Therefore, we highly detailed level of computer graphics, a large number of dynamic and destructible objects. Modern effects such as dynamic lighting and shadows, ssao, soft particles, object motion blur, Realistic damage, deferred shading.

MadOut Ice Storm Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Storm Casters Review (3/5)

You’re lost and alone in a forest. Your village has been destroyed. A wizard appears before you. Granting you magic powers to claim your revenge, the robed figure then points you in the direction of the village-ravaging monster’s lair, the aptly named Skull Keep.

Within the keep, you are thrown directly into Storm Casters‘s no nonsense dungeon crawling. A responsive virtual stick guides your hero, with a fire button letting you cast spells at the nearest available target. This simplicity creates a nice clean interface that even the occasional extra attack button can’t complicate.

To supplement your hero’s basic abilities you can collect and earn cards. These work like loot, giving you extra powers and buffs. Counter intuitively, however, you don’t decide which cards you equip. Instead, before each level, you are given three random cards from your collection. Its an interesting dynamic, but it stops you being able to build the character you want.

Storm Casters does add some interesting time pressures to its gameplay. Stages are not massive subterranean structures, but small rooms that must be cleared at speed before your time expires, and you are warped back to the hubzone. While you can eventually extend the time limit, you still find yourself constantly watching the clock as you race through these randomly generated areas.

With your attacks automatically targeting enemies,you’re left to sprint through levels car…

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Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance Review (3/5)

You don’t have to have grown up with Warhammer 40K to understand Storm of Vengeance. The factions are so archetypal that very little backstory is needed to get you up to speed.

You can to take control of the Ork Waaagh! armies or the Dark Angels. The tower defence combat takes place across five lanes. At the end of each lane you must build structures to aid you in battle, ranging from mundane resource generators, to troop spawning drop pods and psychic Weird-Boy towers.

Deploying your units in a lane cause them to march determinedly towards your opponent. While both sides are are well matched, their tactics vary wildly. The side you pick will dictate whether you’ll be using heavily armoured Tactical Marines, who methodically devastate everything they approach, or Gretchins, who win by sheer weight of numbers.

You can usually achieve victory by conquering three of the five lanes. Problematically, however, once you lose a lane you also lose the abilities that lane generated, making a comeback difficult. This can lead to painfully long battles, when the result is already a foregone conclusion.

With a huge range of technology trees, the game has a lot of menus to familiarise yourself with. Thanks to an intuitive touch and drag control system, navigating them is fairly easy. You will quickly learn to keep an eye on which units and powers can be used next, with some long winded tutorials in place to ensure you are never unaw…

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