The Thursday Find – Touchdowners

Thursday has come crashing in like a wedding-interrupting spurned suitor. Hey the rest of the week, it’s probably shouting, don’t get married to anyone other than me. Thursday will be ignored, the marriage will go ahead, and he’ll feel like a silly sausage for a while.

But here at AppSpy we like to spend our Thursdays telling you about a game you should definitely download this week. It’s a regular feature, it’s called The Thursday Find, and you are literally reading it right now. Pretty exciting, right?

This week we’ve got a lovely gem for you. It’s got a bit of everything – helmets, jumping, balls. What more could you want? You can click on the emboldened name of the game below to download it. Which you should, because it’s ace.


If you’re not familiar with the work of Colin Lane, allow me to explain it to you. He makes silly games that, despite all of their frantic chaos, are both playable and funny. And this one might be the best of them all.

Essentially it’s a game of American Football, distilled into a button mashing slosh of beautiful madness. But there’s skill here too, and a level of tactics that make the desperate touchline scrambles utterly compulsive.

You’re controlling a team of three players, but you’re controlling them with the same buttons. And as the carnage erupts they’ll spread out all over the field, leavin…

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The Thursday Find – Fowlst

Oh look. It’s Thursday. The fourth day of the working week. There are probably other facts about Thursday that I could regale you with, but since this is AppSpy and not DayOfTheWeekSpy you probably won’t be that interested.

Instead let’s do a Thursday Find. After all, that’s the sort of thing we like to do on a Thursday. And this week we’ve got a pretty impressive little gem for you. Honestly, I had trouble choosing what to suggest you should play. Thankfully though, a pun showed me the way.

Anyhow, as usual you can click on the emboldened name of the game below to swoop over to the App Store and download it. And if you think something else deserved to get the prestigious accolade this week, feel free to let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.


Fowlst is a two-touch arcade blast that mixes together ideas from shooters and dodgers to create something that’s both beautifully chaotic and decidedly morish.

You play an angry owl that’s being beset by angry demons. It’s up to you to bottom bounce them back to the corner of hell they crawled out of.

Of course the demons have other ideas about that, and spend a lot of their time firing lasers at your face. Dodge the lasers, stay alive, kill as many monsters as you can.

At its heart the game is a high-score chaser, but it’s wonderfully compulsive. Throw…

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The Thursday Find – Super Sticky Bros

Thursday is upon us again, some of us are voting in a general election, and it’s actually stopped raining where I am. Windows are open, shorts are on, so let’s get this over and done with quickly so I can go play in the park.

This week’s Thursday find might not be the shiniest game on the App Store, but it is an interesting one. And sometimes that counts for a lot more than polish.

As ever you can click on the emboldened name of the game below to download it. But Harry, you’re no doubt weeping, you haven’t even told us what the game is. Oh yeah, sorry about that. It is, of course…

Super Sticky Bros

Ostensibly this one’s a platformer. It’s pretty unwieldy when you first start playing, but stick with it and you’ll find a game that’s got more than a few things going for it.

You’ve got a few buttons at the bottom of the screen, and you use these to navigate a red blob through a series of increasing challenging, bite-sized levels.

You stick to walls when you’re pushing against them, and two taps of the jump button lets you add a second leap after your first. It’s all pretty standard stuff. Bounce on bad guys, avoid the spikes.

If it all sounds pretty standard, don’t despair. There’s an interesting arcade twist to the experience that means you’re unlikely to have played much like this one before.

Chuck i…

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The Thursday Find – Bouncy Hoops

Well it’s Thursday, so that means it’s time to pick one game that’s come out this week that’s really piqued my attention. It’s a regular sort of thing I like to do around these parts, and it’s called the Thursday Find.

This week’s discovery twangs at my nostalgic heart strings. Mainly because it involves basketballs setting on fire and one of my best gaming memories involves day-long sessions of NBA JAM.

As usual you can click on the emboldened name of the game below to download it. But what is this hallowed remembery game that I’m talking about? Why it’s…

Bouncy Hoops

It might not have the scope of NBA Jam, but there’s something compulsive about Bouncy Hoops all the same. It’s a one-touch hoop shooter that sees you trying to score as many points as you can.

The ball moves towards the hoop automatically, and you need to tap the screen to give it some air. And that’s about it. You can grab combos as well from scoring clean shots, bouncing in off the backboard, or beating the buzzer.

There are two modes here. Arcade gives you a few seconds between your shots, and if you don’t score in that time it’s game over. Time gives you a minute to score as many points as you can, with combo shots giving you extra seconds.

The game looks lovely too. It’s all thick pixels and slick ideas, and there’s something inherently cool…

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The Thursday Find – Subdivision Infinity

Hello there Thursday my old friend. How are you doing? Are you literally so hot that I’m sat here in a bucket of ice water? Yes, yes you are. You horrible, horrible monster.

But don’t worry, because through the veil of sweat and heat haze I’m still going to create lovely content for you nicey nicey people. And since it’s Thursday we’re gonna do a Thursday Find.

This week we’re looking at a deep space shooter with a lot going for it. It’s pretty, it has lots to do, and it sidesteps a lot of the problems of the genre on mobile.

As usual you can click the emboldened name of the game to download it. But what is it? Why it’s…

Subdivision Infinity

Swooping through space is always lots of fun. Or at least I imagine it is. I’ll never actually get to do it because I was born too early and too poor to ever get into the galaxy on a spaceship.

But I imagine it’d be quite a lot like Subdivision Infinity. All flying past big planets and shooting the living wires out of annoying drones that are trying to kill you.

The game is a slick shooter that sees you flying through a series of missions, blasting bad guys, mining from asteroids, and generally trying to save the universe.

It’s not as big as some space exploration games, and that means there’s less floating around in nothingness between things you’re suppose…

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The Thursday Find – Miles and Kilo

It’s Thursday. At least I think it’s Thursday. I’ve been so messed up by bank holidays and long weekends that it could be Sunday for all I know. Anyway, I’m going to treat today like Thursday, so that means it’s Thursday Find time.

Every fourth day of the working week here at App Spy we like to recommend you, our beautiful and talented readers, a game that you should definitely play this week. And so that’s exactly what I’m doing in this hot slice of content.

This week we’ve got a super challenging platformer for you. It’s mean, but also cuddly. So sort of like a bear. You’ll be warm in its loving embrace, but you almost certainly won’t be safe. As usual click on the emboldened name of the game below to download it from the App Store.

Miles and Kilo

This is the sort of sequel to the excellent Kid Tripp. It’s a simple platformer that sees you controlling a podgy pixel boy and sometimes his podgy pixel dog. Think Alex Kidd with a modern sense of humour and ennui.

You run automatically, tapping on the screen to try and avoid the vast number of obstacles the game chucks at you. And when I say vast, I really do mean vast.

This is a challenging experience that refuses to pull any punches. Make one mistake and you’re back at the start of the level before you can scream out an expletive.

But like the best games, you’re rea…

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The Thursday Find – Cell 13

Oh Thursday, you beautiful ragamuffin. What have you been doing while the other days had their turn? Maybe we’ll never know. Maybe we’re not supposed to know. Ah well, them’s the breaks.

If you’ve been paying any attention you’ll know that Thursday is when we here at AppSpy go and find a game you should be playing this week. We call this service the Thursday Find. Because it sounds nice.

Today we’ve got a lovely puzzler for you. I mean, it’s not lovely, it’s hard as nails and you’ll probably scream at it a lot. But it’s really good all the same.

Cell 13 – £2.99 / $ 2.99

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Portal took place in 2D? And threw a bunch of other puzzling elements right in your face while it was at it? Well wonder no more, because Cell 13 is here.

The game sees you controlling an orb, rolling it through a series of challenges. The levels are made up of a whole bunch of puzzles, and there’s a surprising scale to all of them that’s going to make you do a smile.

The portals you’re rolling through are boxes. Roll into a box of a certain hue and you’ll roll out of its twin somewhere else on the level.

Tapping on the boxes moves the angle that you’re going to come out at. To begin with you’re tapping them to avoid rolling in to walls. But things get complex pretty quickly.

But it’s a good comp…

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The Thursday Find – A Snake’s Tale

It’s Thursday, so let’s have a think about the sort of thing we’d like to find today. I think I’d like to find an excellent iOS game, and then share it with all of you lovely people. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

But which one to choose? Oh, how about an interesting twist on a template you might have seen before? Yeah sure, let’s go for that one. But which one is it?

Well you’re going to find out soon enough. As ever you can click the emboldened name of the game below to download it. That covers everything I think, so let’s get on with this.

A Snake’s Tale

It’s sort of a pun you see. Because snakes are basically all tail. But this is also the story of a particular snake. So tale, tail, it’s all very clever. I just wanted to make sure you hadn’t missed out on any joke potential.

Anyway, the game is all about guiding a coiling, slithering snake around a series of tight levels. But this isn’t an action game, it’s much more like a puzzler. Think sliding-block head scratchers meeting classic Nokia 5110 gameplay and you’re about half way there.

It looks a bit shoddy in places, but there’s a lovely thread of thinking here. A Snake’s Tale is a game that gives you the space to have a consider about what to do next. And on the App Store that’s getting pretty rare.

Everything is controlled with a single finger. Y…

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The Thursday Find – Binary Dash

This week’s Thursday Find is a shiny platformer that’s got a lot going for it. It’s slick, it’s fun, and while it isn’t the most original game you’ve ever played, you are going to have a blast playing it.

What’s a Thursday Find? Why every Thursday here at AppSpy we dig out a gem that’s come out this week on the App Store. And we tell you a bit about it. And then tell you to go and download it. It’s one of the many services we provide here.

And you can download this week’s game by clicking on its emboldened name just below this paragraph. But what game is it? Well that’s a very apt question, and you’re about to find out the answer. No, really, you are.

Binary Dash

There are a whole load of platformers on the App Store, and while Binary Dash might not be at the top of the upper echelons of the genre, it’s still pretty damn good.

You’re guiding a plucky little square through a series of short, sharp levels. You only get one life, and if you die you’re dropped back to the start of the challenge.

The game isn’t just about jumping though. You can also swap the side of the floor you’re running on. Can’t leap over a wall? Well then switch sides and drop down it. Pretty clever, right?

There are a whole bunch of challenges to sink your teeth into here. And while things start off pretty easy, it doesn’t take that long b…

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The Thursday Find – Get Me Outta Here

Thursday. I have nothing to say about Thursday. Let us just get on with this and hope that Friday is a little bit more exciting than Thursday.

This week’s Thursday Find is an interesting arcade shooter that takes a while to build up a head of steam. But when it does it becomes a thrashing lunatic of rolling and blasting that you can tailor to your needs.

But what is it? Well you’re about to find out. Oh, and as per usual you can click on the emboldened name of the game below to download it from the App Store. And by it I mean…

Get Me Outta Here

You wake up in an alien spaceship. You’re being probed. Probably. It’s pretty rubbish either way. So you do the only sensible thing – go on a murderous rampage to earn your freedom.

It’s a pretty standard set up, but the game wibbling around under the set up is anything but standard. There’s a complexity to the controls here that means you’re actually going to need to practice to get to grips with things.

That makes for a slow and slightly stodgy start. You’re going to be struggling with the swipes and taps to begin with. But once things start to click you’ll become an alien slaughtering machine.

There are different modes to play through and different weapons to unlock. Huge bosses stomp across the screen, wobbling bits of themselves at you in ignoble ways. And then…

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