Gangstar New Orleans guide for iPhone, iPad, and Android – Part 4: Advanced tips

So you’ve got this far in Gangstar: New Orleans, but now you’re looking for some tips and tricks that are going to push your criminality on to the next level. Well don’t you worry, we’re here to help.

In this fourth part of our guide to Gameloft’s latest crime sim we’re going to look at some advanced tips to make sure that you’re pushing your empire of wrongdoing in the right direction.

Tomorrow we’ll throw out some tips and hints to finish things off, but right now we’re going to focus on making sure players who’ve stuck a lot of time into the game are pushing in the right direction. I mean, it’d be embarrassing if they weren’t, right?

Choose your battles

It’s important to make sure you’re tough enough for the challenge that you’re facing. That doesn’t just mean being at the level the game requires, it means being well over it.

If you’re only a couple of points stronger than the game is suggesting, you need to go and grind some challenges and get some more upgrade materials to push you higher.

It might seem like a boring way around things, but the stronger you are the easier you’re going to find the challenges. And by the same token, the better you’re going to do in them.

Upgrade your car

Make sure you’re not just upgrading your weapons but you’re upgrading your vehicles as well. It’s all well and good having super strong guns, but your car needs to be on form as well.

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Star Wars: Force Arena guide – Part four – Menu hints and tips

In this fourth part of the series about Star Wars: Force Arena we’re going to have a look at some of the menu mechanics that you’re going to need to make use of if you’re going to succeed in the game.

We’ll break things up with some images as well, so you can see what we’re talking about. We’re good like that. No, no don’t mention it. It’s fine, we’re here to help.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll have a look at some more advanced tactics for when you’re actually on the battlefield, but right now let’s focus on the menus you’re going to spend a lot of time looking at.


This is where you’ll unlock the cards you win when you play. You’ll need to actively open them once you’ve been given them, and they’ve got a countdown on them that can last for quite a long time.

It’s worth starting an unlock when you’re coming to the end of a play session so that you’ll have the new cards ready the next time you come to play.

This screen also has a number of other reward packs you can unlock at certain times, so it’s always worth coming back and checking if there’s anything new there for you.


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Star Wars: Force Arena guide – Part five – Battle hints and tips

In the last part of our series on Star Wars: Force Arena we’re going to look at some hints and tips for the meat of the game – the battles.

If you’ve not checked out the other parts of our guide, well now is as good a time as any to do it. But if you’re only interested in getting some help winning fights, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

So with a little bit more ado, here’s how to make sure you’re always kicking ass and taking names in this excellent Star Wars-themed MOBA. Don’t all thank us at once, y’hear?


It’s tempting to splurge out a unit and charge out onto the field of battle. You might make a bit of progress, but it’s much smarter to take a few seconds to let your energy reserves build up.

That means you’re going to have more units when you stride out, making you a much more formidable challenge.

Sit and split

If you’ve got units that are in groups of more than two, there’s a sneaky way to use them to attack both sides of the map. Stand where your hero spawns and call out the units.

Half will go up one track, half will go up the other track. It’s a good way to keep your enemy guessing about where to send their own forces.

Think about your hero

Your hero is the most mobile of the units at your disposal, which means they&rs…

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Everything about Everwing: Part 5 – Quests and advanced tips

In this final part of our Everwing series we’re going to take a look at some of the advanced tactics you can use to make even more cash as you play.

Namely we’re going to look at using quests, new characters, and extra dragons to fill up your coffers when you’re not even playing.

We’ll also give you some tricks for getting the most out of the time you’re playing the game, since we’re pretty sure that you’re going to be playing an awful lot after you’ve read all of this.


Quests are missions you can send characters on to earn you gold when you’re not even playing. They last for a set amount of time, and when they’re done you can claim the cash that your character has earned.

By the time you start unlocking new characters, your main character is going to be pretty strong, and you won’t want to send them off when you’re playing.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use them in quests though. There are two and four hour quests, so send them off when you’re going to bed and reap the rewards when you get back.

You can also use the gold you earn from playing on any character, so you can toughen up fairies that you’ve never even used so that they’re stronger when they go out to quest for…

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Tips and tricks to get a high score in every level of Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is the new mobile follow-up to Jungle Run and Fiesta Run and a lot has changed. The focus is less on speed here (for the most part) and is instead on exploration, thanks to the new ability to change direction.

Rayman also has a new companion called the Incrediballs – cute little creatures which provide handy power-ups that help you get a higher score.

Achieving that high score – and earning the chest of gems to boot – is different in each of the different level types. To help you get there, we’ve compiled a guide to each type to get you earning those gems faster.

Catch all the Lums!

As the name suggests, the aim here is to gather as many Lums as possible. It makes sense then that you should bring three Inhaler Incrediballs into these levels with you.

These Incrediballs draw all nearby Lums into Rayman so you don’t have to work quite so hard to collect them. It’s essential in some of the faster-paced levels.

Aside from that, you should just remain on your guard and make sure to grab as many Lums and coins as possible – making an extra effort to grab purple Lums. These double the number of Lums you collect temporarily and make an enormous difference to your score at the end.

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Tips and tricks to get the highest scores in Rayman Adventures

It’s Christmas, that perfect time of year to put your feet up, grab your brand new device, and play some good old mobile games.

Not sure what to play? Well, we recommend Rayman Adventures, the brand new mobile platformer that continues where the excellent Jungle Run and Fiesta Run left off.

That means you’ll sprint, jump, and punch your way through a ton of beautiful new levels – except this time with a much greater freedom of movement.

You can now swipe to change direction at any time, and explore the highs and lows of every level to find hidden stuff. It completely changes your approach to every section.

There’s another exciting new feature – the Incrediballs. These are collectable companions who provide awesome power-ups to help you get higher scores.


And that’s the focus of this here guide, really – to help you use these Incrediballs and Rayman’s skills to get the highest scores in each and every level.

How to use your Incrediballs

Incrediballs are an incredibly powerful new companion for Rayman and you’d do yourself disservice if you ignored them – so don’t.

They come in three different types. Seekers hunt for hidden Teensies and Lums, Protectors temporarily keep you safe from…

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Fancy Tips Plus – Smart Tip Calculator & Country Tip Guide in Your Trips Around the World!

Fancy Tips Plus – Smart Tip Calculator & Country Tip Guide in Your Trips Around the World!
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Walkthrough for Dead Rising 3 – Dead Rising 3 Wiki Guide, Multiplayer Tips , Weapon Using Guide, All Tips and Tricks

Walkthrough for Dead Rising 3 – Dead Rising 3 Wiki Guide, Multiplayer Tips , Weapon Using Guide, All Tips and Tricks
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Walkthrough for Dead Rising 3 – Dead Rising 3 Wiki Guide, Multiplayer Tips , Weapon Using Guide, All Tips and Tricks full app details :: Get it now
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Split Second Review + Tips HD

This is my very first review with commentary. I’m open for suggestions and pointers, please leave them in the comment section below. I chose Split Second because it’s a game that takes a bit of everything we’ve seen in racing games and mashes it together. Black Rock did a great job of that, Disney only published it. This is the full game, not the demo. Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe Visit – Xbox360 and iPhone Apps/Games Archive Twitter: @iZONE360 Facebook Fan Page:

A quick demo of the free Epic Citadel, from Epic games, free on the App store: Running on an iPad, shot with an iPhone 4

Top five tips for successful iPad game development

Developing games for iPad is marvelous because it is congenial in different ways. iPad, due to its wide screen makes iPad game developers to make splendid gaming system. Not only the wide screen of iPad supports the developers but also features like multi touch, virtual key board and high supportability to 3G are making the life of developer easy to develop games on iPad.


There is considerable growth of demand for the iPad games in all the age groups. There are more than 500,000 applications in iTunes for the users to download, in which Games category contribute significant number to the total number. By this data one can analyze the growing demand for iPad games and game development.




: Considerable planning should be done before starting the development. Things like content and back story of the game on the paper for others to review it.


: The game should be as simple as possible with excellent and pleasant interface. This is the basic and golden rule for the game development.


: Testing is often an important step to rule out any error in an application. Use the functions with the SDK to test the functionality and code.


: Make sure everything is working according to the plan before submitting it to the Apple store. It is always a better option to be reviewed by the fellow developers or a professional game reviewers.


Once your game is live on the iTunes store to ask for user feedback to correct any errors you went by releasing periodic updates of its application. Keep in touch with your audience by social media platforms like FaceBook and twitter. Make sure that you react to their feedback.


For iPad game development, one should have a desktop or laptop with Intel-based processor running Mac OS Leopard with constant supply of internet connection (because many iPad games need internet to work). Developers must gain mastery in three basic iPad gaming languages like Objective C, Cocoa and OpenGL. To be an official iPad game developer you must register with the Apple developer program, which will cost $ 99 once. 

Dheeraj Gopa is a Mobile Application Marketer with international exposure in sales. He finished his Masters in Business Administration from university of Ballarat, Australia. 

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