Fantasy RPG title Eldrian Legacy now available on Google Play and App Store

If you missed out on the pre-register event then, sucks to be you, because the fantasy RPG title has now been released for iOS and Android systems, meaning the pre-register window is now closed! If you were lucky enough to cash in on the offer, you can now claim your bounty of 20,000 gold, 600 diamonds and 50 energy.

Now you’ve (hopefully) got your headstart in the game, it’s time to get to grips with mastering it. The main premise is to create a team of characters who come from one of 6 different elements, ensuring that they work together in the best possible way to become the strongest party.

By collecting Soul Stone, you must strive to level up your team as you face a whole host of different foes on your travels. Whether you’re traversing the Tower of Souls, the Adventure mode or the Battlefield of Glory, levelling up must always be at the top of your priorities.

Eldrian Legacy is now available, for free, from either the App Store or Google Play! To retrieve your potential rewards from the pre-register event, be sure to login to the game within 7 days of its release.

App Store:

Google Play: …

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RTS title Battleplans now also available for Android systems

Android owners with a penchant for RTS titles can celebrate: publishers En Masse Entertainment have released their successful title, Battleplans, for Android systems and no longer just Apple products. However, Apple users will be pleased to discover a new update for the title on iOS devices.

Revolving around the gist of the strategy genre, whilst incorporating modern elements such a precision-planning and real-time integration, Battleplans opens up the genre to a vast mass of prospective players.

By either following the main story of ‘Skulls’, where players must strive to advance the skills and special abilities of their playable heroes, or unlocking the endless element of the real-time world, the title ensures hours of immersive gameplay.

The update includes the introduction of a new playable hero: Taigar the Huntress, a quirky little character who is rather fond of sleeping in trees and whose special ability is the Mystical Stag.

CEO of En Masse Entertainment, Sam Kim, wrote of the recent release: “Battleplans provides a fresh, new spin on real-time strategy games and fills a need in the marketplace.

“Players will find themselves immediately getting to the
fun elements of an RTS with easy controls to build heroes and squads, as well as scalable resourc…

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Wrath of Gems sees Genera Games update their Star Trek title

If you’ve been known to frequent the classic title in the past, you’ll know that players were able to battle in the guise of weekly tournaments alone. However, with Genera Games’ recent version, Wrath of Gems, players can now get stuck in to its most exciting new feature: Alliances.

With this, players can work to curate the strongest, most resilient teams with which to destroy their opposition. This social, strategy-based layer offers a whole new take on the game, allowing players to test their skills by expanding their team based on fleet and crew.



For players who have been defeated in the past and would like a rematch on their losses, the game now includes a revenge feature, whereby you can opt to replay your battle and hopefully, this time, come out on top. Players can also track down the ranking of another alliance and thus, challenge them to battle.

The original features of the title allow players to interact with their favourite characters from both The Original Series and The Next Generation. By evolving both fleets and crew, players must strive to collect special packs and starships to succeed.

App Store: wrath-of- gems/id95951561

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Locojoy Games title Mystic Castle now available from Google Play

If you’re looking for a text-based RPG with a fantasy setting, Locojoy Games’ 2016 release Mystic Castle deserves a place on your radar. Initlally released back in March this year with iOS compatibility only, the title is now available for free on Android devices, with an exclusive week’s release of a free iOS version (20th – 27th May). Straddling a number of genres, the game touches on city building, adventure and simulation; not forgetting its predominant lean towards RPG.  

The game unfolds with players adopting the role of alchemist, navigating the endless catacombs of a dangerous dungeon. Aiming to create your own underground city, players will face a wealth of different scenarios throughout the game, appearing in the guise of ‘events’ – be them skill progression, or gambling prospects. 


Perfect for gamers who want a fully immersive game without the excessive commitment, Mystic Castle allows for strategic thinking and deep progression paths, but doesn’t bog players down with the need for consistent logging in or purchasing in-game add-ons. Game resources also restock whilst the app is out of use. 

For those looking to expand their world within the game, there comes the prospect of purchasable expansion packs – over 500 areas spanning 10…

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Beautiful RTS title, Battleplans, comes to the iOS platform

To all the iOS fans out there: rejoice! This week, publishers En Masse Entertainment dropped their slickly animated game Battleplans onto the App Store for us all to enjoy – for free. Playing on a modernised take of the genre, Battleplans will be sure to excite RTS lovers new and old.



The player-driven publisher pushes the games tendency to allow complex immersion whilst remaining a non-committal title, with the tactical depth of a traditional RTS game and the accessibility and controls of a simpler device. This allows the game to be experienced by those who have perhaps never delved into the genre, too.

Focusing predominantly on tactical movement and the careful positioning of units rather than more archaic ideas of base building or resource grinding, Battleplans is as on the ball as you could hope for a mobile creation to be. The real-time element just further exacerbates the versatility of this game, and adds another aspect of tactics.



Split into two main phases of play, Battleplans works between offensive onslaughts and battles, and defensive planning against the attacks of enemies. Whether you’re finetuning your strategic placement or g…

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Price Drop: Title Challenge – Football Manager (Games)

Title Challenge – Football Manager 1.1.3

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $ 3.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1.3 (iTunes)


Recommended by Apple under ‘Best New Games’ on the App Store.

"It’s a gorgeous little game and the beauty is so much more than skin deep" – Iain Macintosh

"The perfect option to whittle away those long hours on the commute to work" – Back Page Football

"There’s a clean, flat aesthetic running through everything I’ve seen of Title Challenge" – Pocket Tactics

Title Challenge is a back to basics football manager game that puts the fun back into managing your favourite club.

• Manage your favourite club from England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy
• Fast-paced gameplay – Complete a season in a matter of hours
• Play with modern or retro data – download databases from the community forum
• Features illustrations by Liverpool FC illustrator Dave Williams
• Autosave feature – Pick up and play right where you left off
• Play anywhere – No internet connection required
• Update players and clubs using the free built-in data editor
• No season limit – keep on playing as long as you want!
• Upgrade your training facilities to develop the stars of the future
• Upgrade your stadium to increase your club reputation

Player Licensing
We’d loved to have used real player names in Title Challenge. However, we’re only a tiny team of passionate football fans and so we’ve done the next best thing and included an easy to use data editor. You can download fan-made databases to play from our community forum.

In-app purchases
There are 3 in-app purchases – all of which allow you to invest varying amounts of money into your club.
Title Challenge does not require you to unlock any content and does not halt or restrict your progress at any time.
There are no adverts in the game.

What’s New

Major new features:
• Real names database!
• Two new countries: Portugal & Netherlands
• A native layout for the iPad

Also new in this version:
• Ability to remove players from your tactics
• New database validator (it will automatically warn you if it detects issues with your custom databases)
• Create custom databases with only one country
• Fixed bug with player remaining on transfer list after buying them
• Fixed bug with scouted information being removed
• Other minor bug fixes

Don’t forget to join our community forum:

Title Challenge – Football Manager Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Games) for iOS

Journey to a magical 10th-century kingdom and thwart goblins and dragons in tower defence title Toy Defense 3: Fantasy [Sponsored]

If you’re a massive fan of strategy titles and you download tower defence games from the App Store on a regular basis, there’s a very good chance that you’re already more than familiar with the Toy Defense series.

More than 15 million gamers from around the world have played at least one of the franchise’s instalments, after all.

Anyway. Melesta Games have recently released a third entry in the popular series, and it represents a slight deviation from its two predecessors.

Unlike Toy Defense and Toy Defense 2, which feature battles from World War I and World War II, respectively, Toy Defense 3: Fantasy is set in a magical 10th-century fantasy kingdom that’s filled to the brim with pesky green goblins and mighty dragons.

Playing as a Richard the Lionheart-esque commander in Toy Defense 3: Fantasy, you have to recruit and train a fierce army of wizards, archers, and healers that are capable of taking down waves of invading trolls and mercenaries.

Naturally, there’s lots of strategy involved in Toy Defense 3: Fantasy. You can upgrade your veteran warriors during battle and improve their abilities, for example. Furthermore, you can utilise six different tower power-ups, which enable you to develop unique and – hopefully – impenetrable defences.

And here’s a tip straight from the horse’s (yes, Melesta’s)…

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