The best hints, tips, and tricks for Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a pretty darn slick mixture of auto-runner and FPS. It’s all about weaving through hordes of zombies, shooting them in the face while you can, and trying not to die. Although it’s pretty cool when you die because you briefly get to see your own organs before you succumb to the nomming of the undead.

But if you’d rather avoid getting your innards ripped out, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put a good few hours into the game since it hit the App Store at the end of last week, and we reckon we’ve collated some slick-ass hints and tips to make sure you’re going to get the most out of the game.

So without further ado, let’s get cocked, locked, and ready to rock. By which I mean let’s begin the lesson. The lesson about not getting eaten by zombies. In Into the Dead 2. I’m sorry but it’s highly unlikely that these tips are going to help if there ever is an actual zombie apocalypse.

Watch your bullets

One of the most common causes of death in the game involves running out of ammo at the worst possible time. Rather than blasting out a bullet, you run head first into a pack of the undead and it’s game over before you’ve even got a chance to think.

Grabbing more ammo isn’t the key to getting past this though. Yeah you’ll have more bullets, but it’s no use if they’re not in your gun. Swapping to a different weapon is slightly quicker than reloading, but you can also dodge zombies while you’re stuffing ne…

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Hints, tips, and tricks for No Brakes io

No Brakes io is a mix between all those .io games you’ve played and Amiga classic Skidmarks. In other words, it’s a pretty twitchy racer that involves swooping your way around a series of different tracks.

The big twist is that it’s a multiplayer game, and the rewards you get at the end of the race are based on how high up the rankings you finished. Or if you finished at all.

It might seem like a pretty simple proposition, but there’s actually quite a lot going on here. So I figured it’d be a good idea to bash together a guide to make sure you’re getting the most out of the experience. And always crossing that finish line first.

Don’t crash

The key to the game is not crashing. Yes there are other players to overtake, and crossing the finishline first is going to get you a pretty decent reward, but bashing through as many checkpoints as possible is important too.

Hit the wall of the course and you’ll crash. Crash and it’s game over. You’ll get a chunk of coins depending on how many of the checkpoints you’ve made it through, but obviously the more you make it through, the better the reward.

You don’t always have to race

Just because there are other players, doesn’t mean you have to get involved with them. If someone’s trying to goad you into a race, pushing you about, take a breath and try and find a more comfortable line.

That is, of course, until you’re a bit better at the gam…

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Hints, tips, and tricks for Rolly Vortex

Rolly Vortex is a game about, well, rolling through a vortex. I mean, you’re pretty smart, you could probably have worked that out for yourself, right? I’m sorry, I’ll try and be less patronising next time round.

Anyway, just because you know what Rolly Vortex is, doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of it. Sure it looks simple, but there are actually some hidden depths here, if you start poking around with your fingers and the other bits of you you use to find things out.

Which is why I thought I’d cobble together a beginner’s guide. Just to ensure that when you first come to rolling through that vortex you’re going to be the best roller that the world has ever seen. Or at least in the top five.

Roll smart

Collecting the red orbs might seem like it’s key to the game, but if you die trying to get one then that’s the end of your run. Don’t take undue chances when you don’t have to. Focus on moving through the obstacles and the red orbs will essentially collect themselves.

Roll wide

Don’t try and chance your way through small gaps. Sometimes they’re your only option, but more often than not there’s another way to bypass an obstacle, so try and take that if it’s possible.

If a narrow gap is the only way forward, then make sure you hit it right in the middle. The game’s collision detection can be pretty cruel if you get things wrong, so try not to give it a chance to dick you over.…

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Gangstar New Orleans guide for iPhone, iPad, and Android – Part 5: Hints and tricks

In this last part of our guide to Gangstar: New Orleans we’re going to walk you through some of the tips and tricks you’re going to need to climb to the top of the criminal ladder. Is criminality a ladder? I honestly have no idea.

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading through the guide, and that it’s helped you chase your dreams of becoming the best (worst?) criminal that New Orleans has ever seen. That’s the dream, right?

Without further ado, here’s some words to lead you through that final stretch. And if you’ve got any ideas of your own to add, feel free to stick them in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Don’t die

It might sound like a silly thing to say, but not dying is key to success in New Orleans. Mainly because it costs you currency every time your health bar drops to zero.

Soemtimes it’s worth considering your options. Should you spend some gems to get a health pack and keep on breathing, or toss away a chunk of gold to the doctor once you’ve died.

Then of course there’s the third option of just running away. That’s obviously not so easy when you’re playing one of the boxed-in missions, but if you’re in the open world sections it’s a perfectly viable strategy.

Check the time

One thing to remember is that the quicker you complete missions, the more stars you’re going to get. If you’re not getting three stars on a regular basis then it’s def…

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Tips and tricks to get a high score in every level of Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is the new mobile follow-up to Jungle Run and Fiesta Run and a lot has changed. The focus is less on speed here (for the most part) and is instead on exploration, thanks to the new ability to change direction.

Rayman also has a new companion called the Incrediballs – cute little creatures which provide handy power-ups that help you get a higher score.

Achieving that high score – and earning the chest of gems to boot – is different in each of the different level types. To help you get there, we’ve compiled a guide to each type to get you earning those gems faster.

Catch all the Lums!

As the name suggests, the aim here is to gather as many Lums as possible. It makes sense then that you should bring three Inhaler Incrediballs into these levels with you.

These Incrediballs draw all nearby Lums into Rayman so you don’t have to work quite so hard to collect them. It’s essential in some of the faster-paced levels.

Aside from that, you should just remain on your guard and make sure to grab as many Lums and coins as possible – making an extra effort to grab purple Lums. These double the number of Lums you collect temporarily and make an enormous difference to your score at the end.

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Tips and tricks to get the highest scores in Rayman Adventures

It’s Christmas, that perfect time of year to put your feet up, grab your brand new device, and play some good old mobile games.

Not sure what to play? Well, we recommend Rayman Adventures, the brand new mobile platformer that continues where the excellent Jungle Run and Fiesta Run left off.

That means you’ll sprint, jump, and punch your way through a ton of beautiful new levels – except this time with a much greater freedom of movement.

You can now swipe to change direction at any time, and explore the highs and lows of every level to find hidden stuff. It completely changes your approach to every section.

There’s another exciting new feature – the Incrediballs. These are collectable companions who provide awesome power-ups to help you get higher scores.


And that’s the focus of this here guide, really – to help you use these Incrediballs and Rayman’s skills to get the highest scores in each and every level.

How to use your Incrediballs

Incrediballs are an incredibly powerful new companion for Rayman and you’d do yourself disservice if you ignored them – so don’t.

They come in three different types. Seekers hunt for hidden Teensies and Lums, Protectors temporarily keep you safe from…

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