Lineage 2: Revolution is now available worldwide on iOS and Android

The long awaited Lineage 2: Revolution has now finally been launched worldwide, and it looks set to match the hype of being the biggest MMORPG ever unleased on mobile. With a strong pedigree of Lineage titles coming before it on PC, this latest iteration in the series is the first to be designed specifically for mobile, and has been eagerly anticipated, with over 1.5 million MMO fans having pre-registered for the game.

The stunnigly beautiful graphics and glorious castle sieges are the most obvious stand out features of the game, and perfectly demonstrate Netmarble’s commitment to bringing a PC level experience to mobile devices. Naturally, the world of Lineage 2: Revolution is epic in size and features an unparalleled number of quests to play.

The real highlights of Lineage 2: Revolution however can be found in the multitude of PvP modes, 3vs3, 5vs5, 20vs20, and even 50vs50, as well as the gorgeous character designs and the sheer amount of players joining you online to play the game.

After it’s hugely successful Asian debut, Lineage 2: Revolution looks set to soon be rising to top of app stores worldwide. If you’d really like to see if the game matches the hype, then you can find Lineage 2: Revolution to download right now on the App Store and …

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Battle of Balls will be free for a limited time in celebration of its worldwide launch on iOS and Android

Battle of Balls is a unique mobile multiplayer game developed by Superpop that launched over a month ago in select regions.

It’s been well-received and even topped the App Store charts in several regions. That’s all thanks to the highly addictive and accessible gameplay and regular updates that it’s received since launch.


Battle of Balls tasks you with speeding around an arena swallowing smaller balls to grow in size. It’s multiplayer so you’ll want to grow larger than all of your opponents and swallow them to achieve those higher scores.

You can customise your ball’s design and name so that other players will recognise you when you approach or hide in bushes if you don’t want to be seen. You can also split your ball into two when you grow really big so you can cover more ground.


Battle of Balls will launch worldwide tomorrow on iOS and Android and will be free for a limited time. Grab it before it goes premium to get the entire game which includes no IAPs for free.

Head on over to the App Store or Google Play tomorrow to grab Battle of Balls for free so you can experience the crazy gameplay yourself…

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